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Braveheart or Faint Heart – Which Will You Choose?

Maybe you’ve never seen the movie Braveheart but I do recommend it. As long as you close your eyes in the gross and bloody parts. It’s all about a hero, filled with passion, who does an amazing thing in his world. I don’t do well around people that don’t seem to know what they stand for, what they believe. Even if I believe totally differently to you, I still respect you if you are strong in your own convictions. It all boils down to courage or cowardice. Just like the lion in the Wizard of Oz, so many people falter when you ask them direct questions about their core values. I can tell you right now that I know my non-negotiables, and they’re unshakable. I’m holdin’ out for a Hero. How ‘bout you?
I love lions too. They’re fierce, strong, powerful. Even intimidating. Jesus is the lion or Judah. And He’s been known to roar from time to time. But there’s a wrong roar. 1st Peter says that satan roams around AS a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Which tells me two things. One, he’s not the real lion. That would be The Lion of Judah, aka Jesus Christ, and HIS roar IS real. Two, satan can’t devour just anybody – he has to have a reason. It takes guts to stand up to an enemy, day after day after day, and believe me, he’s good at wearing people out. I see it every day. He’s had a lot of practice. He can’t make you do anything, but he’ll try to make you crack by the daily pressures of life he sends your way. It takes endurance to take a stand. I’ve decided there are no mouses, only those who will and those who won’t. Won’t what? Take a stand. Endure. Stay faithful to what they believe. Nope, no cowardly lion in me, Dorothy. Just sayin’.
One last thing. Don’t do a Demas. He’s in 1st Peter 4.10. He dumped Paul, because he got his eyes on the wrong thing. I personally believe that it all starts in the mind. My pastor says negative images are developed in a dark room, just like a camera. So if you start thinking on things you know are wrong, to quote a good friend of mine “where the mind goes the man is sure to follow”. Lives are in the balance. It’s not just about us. We are supposed to be affecting those around us. For the good. Showing them our Father, and His goodness, so they will want Him in their lives too. He told us to show and tell. My question is.. will you?
Live for Jesus. Radically. You won’t be sorry.
Kari the bravehearted
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