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Queen of Denial

We all have days when we play Cleopatra. History claims she was called The Queen of the Nile, but like the country song says, I find I often fall prey being the queen of denial. I know folk who won’t touch fiction with a barge pole, Some I know have even told me to my face, “all you need is the Word.” Well, yes, that’s true. I don’t deny it. A little condescending, perhaps, but accurate. Still, God tells us in Luke 16.8 that the children of the world are wiser than the children of God. So that tells me God thinks He can teach us His principles through other avenues if we’re open. Which I am.

To be perfectly honest, I must admit that I learn from all kinds of things. Billboards. Movies. And yes, fiction. My latest read was a book called Sanctuary, by Ted Dekker. But, being me, at the same time I’m also reading a book called The Search for Significance, by Robert S. McGee. I like to read for fun and read for growth too. Strange dynamic, some may say. Not really, says I. They both boil down to one simple truth for me – the universal need for acceptance and validation. One point McGee makes in his book is that we all go through seasons of hurt – emotionally, relationally and spiritually – yet we’re either unaware or in denial of the depth of our wounds. So we won’t do what we need to do to be healed, because we refuse to acknowledge the need.

At the end of his book, Ted Dekker puts it another way.

“In truth, we all exist in our own sanctuaries… I’m talking about our hearts and minds, which imprison us in anxiety, fear, insecurity, anger, and other forms of misery. The walls and bars that keep most in a constant state of suffering are thoughts and emotions, not concrete and steel. It’s a disease. Insanity. Most are afflicted by it, regardless of which side of the law they find themselves or where they lay their head at night. To be free of this, Renee, is to be free indeed.”

If Christ truly came to bring us abundant life, then why do we insist on holding on to our pain? I’ll let it go in a heartbeat. It’s a killer.

Kari, the healing and healing others

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