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The Meaning of Life – Big He, Little Me

I don’t know if the same thing’s happenin’ where you are, but in my church God seems to want to visit every single Sunday! And I’m lovin’ it!

Yesterday was no exception. In fact, I’m getting rather used to His presence. Yes, I spend time with Him during my day-to-day life but there’s something very special when a bunch of BELIEVErs get together (no, that’s not a typo, I mean believers who REALLY BELIEVE) – He seems to take it very seriously and responds to hunger in a big way. I feel like I’m in the Garden of Eden sometimes, and that He’s talking to me during the cool of the day. Not that it was a warm fuzzy message – oh no, it was definitely a check-up-from-the-neck-up one. But it’s good. We all need to re-evaluage our priorities every once in a while, and I promise you if you’ll take the time to listen to this you will. So glad the man of God I serve shared this. I needed it.

Another thing I’d like to mention… I saw this and again, it reminded me of things I had let slip. It’s not that I don’t know them, but they’re foundational truths I’ve lost sight of. Short, but very good for the heart. In her own words, “Hell is not for me, any more.” Wise words, from a wise woman.


I truly pray this day finds you blessed and surrounded by His presence, but most of all I pray you’re more in love with the Lover of your soul than you ever have been in your life.

One more thing. A fellow WordPress blogger I discovered quite by chance posted something I know you’ll be inspired by:


Chuck Swindoll said many years ago that God can never use a man greatly until He has broken him completely. Of course, we know that God doesn’t do the breaking, but He does allow it. And I thank Him for it. Left to myself, I’d be a hot mess. With His help, I can do all things. Without Him? I’m in big trouble.

Kari, the totally-standing-in-awe
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