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Too Much Static

One of the things I love about God is that He’s so clear, even a redhead can get it! John 10.27 says that God’s sheep hear His voice, and they follow Him. In her book, How to Hear from God, Joyce Meyer talked about what she called, “keeping your receiver deceiver-free”. There are so many good things to ponder there that I highly encourage reading it, too many to mention in one redhead rambling, but one thing I’d like to hone in on is that she brings up the fact that many Christians aren’t expecting to hear His voice. If He’s our Father, why wouldn’t we hear Him? Since I read that chapter my prayer has become simple. Keep me safe from deception and defection. Why defection? Well, I’ve heard many a tale of those who have defected because of oppression or domination. A definition given at http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/defect?s=t is “to desert a cuase, country, etc., especially in order to desert a cause, country, etc., especially in order to adopt another.” Deception is subtle, and slow, but very very sure. And we never even realize it.

I for one am man enough to admit I get easily distracted from the lifelong goal of focusing on Him, pleasing Him, living for Him. A few years ago I read a book by Terri Blackstock, Last Light. It had a fascinating “what if?” premise –what if our world as we know it was changed? Permanently? By the loss of all things mechanical? She reminded me that God says we are, and I quote, “aliens in a land not our own, sojourners passing through, pilgrims on our way to a destination we haven’t quite reached… sometimes the letting go is hard…sometimes His will is for us to look toward home, anxiously waiting for that day when we reach the gates of our own city. That place where all our ultimate comforts lie. That place where we will be welcomed in like dearly loved children long awaited.” Hebrews 11.13 says that our real home is not this earth, the so-invading and encroaching here-and-now; in reality, we are aliens and strangers, and that the city our God has prepared for us is nothing like this one. Why am I so quick to focus on the temporal rather than the eternal? I have no idea. But one thing I do know – I’m a work in progress and although I may not be where I want to be I’m nowhere near where I used to be. I’m so thankful for His mercy. My pastor said once if His mercies are new every morning, then we must continually need them! Just a thought. I’m learning to rest, and to simply receive, living in the revelation of my middle name. Grace. I’m peaceful, patient, and content. Are you?

Kari, the grace-full

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