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Jesus Peace

With all the violence that our nation is facing right now, I was so saddened to hear something today that left me speechless. Which is hard to do. My mother says I have what she calls ‘verbal diarrhea’, and I must admit she has a point. I’ve never really met a stranger. However, I do try to use it for goo, to encourage everyone I get around, because I learned a long time ago that the world will bring you down in a heartbeat – Christians are supposed to bring Jesus with them everywhere they go, investing in others and sharing the GOOD news. Well, I may not have much but I do have a mouth, and what my mother calls a ‘grasshopper brain’ – I’m assuming she means I’m rather random, which I’ll also admit to. So I’m using both, courtesy of WordPress. Thank God for the world wide web. I’ll throw that net out there any way I can, and trust God that a few fish will be drawn into it.

I heard today that there’s a popular song going around right now, but Jesus may be in the title but I believe there’s no Jesus IN it. It’s nothing but cursewords, apparently. The source who told me is one I consider extremely trustworthy, proven for the last 20 years, so I’m not even going to pollute my mind by reading the lyrics. Knowing it’s sung by Jay Z is enough for me. Well, it’s my turn. MY Jesus gives PEACE. Not piece…s. I should know. I was so broken for so many years, then one day soon after my 30th birthday I had a face-to-face encounter with a living, merciful, holy God. I’ve never been the same. It’s too late to tell me He doesn’t exist. Doesn’t take the hurting and make them whole. Doesn’t take the stained and wash them clean. Doesn’t strengthen the weak, and use foolish things if they’ll just submit to Him. Doesn’t see greatness where everyone else sees failure. Doesn’t see and capture every single tear cried in the night, when no-one sees and no-one knows.

A preacher came to my church many years ago, and I don’t remember much about his sermon but one thing I do remember is the title. “But God”. All that night, he’d preach a little and say, “… but God…” It impacted me profoundly. Any time I think about prayers that seem to hit the ceiling and never go higher, mountains that look impossible to climb, prodigals that break a mother’s heart, healing that is slow to manifest, employment that never seems stable, all I know is that His mercies are new every morning, and that I know the secret. I’ve read the back of the book. I don’t care how it looks, or what may come. I’m on the winning side. I hope you are too!

Kari, the victorious – who don’t take credit for nothin’, as Creflo so wisely said recently
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