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A Question of Taste

You have around 10,000 taste buds. I’m sure you know that. My first question to you is this: what are you hungry for? Proverbs 27.7 says that the hungry soul will fill itself with anything, even bitter things, because it’s so hungry it doesn’t care – it just wants to be filled. Well, the older I get the more discerning I seem to become about what I allow. In my mouth. My mind. My heart.

People are always talking about “they”. How they wish “they” would fix/remove/begin [insert whatever idea comes to mind here], but it starts with us. The elections are finally over, and for that I’m thankful. Some of us are happy and some of us are not. During all of the unrest God spoke something very gently to my heart that totally set me free. It was simply this. “It’s not about party. It’s about purpose”. We were promised change, and change we got. Apparently we needed more of it, because we asked for more of the same. So rather than complain about “they”, I’ve chosen to pray. And pray. And pray. Will evil prosper in this country? Not on my watch. I choose to be a faithful watchman on the wall. There are 530,000 elected offices in America. So my next question to you is this: what are we doing with them? It’s up to us.

They’re elected BY the people FOR the people. We vote them in, and we can vote them out. As soon as we take an interest in His mission, God gets interested in ours. When we become a people after His own heart, that’s when the mountain-moving begins. His priority is souls. Period. He gave His own life to prove the point. Our troubles trouble Him, and He asks us to return the favour. Reinhard Bonnke called it recently the Great Co-Mission. Made me think. Co- anything means helping in. Are we?

Graham Cooke said that passion never allows you to see yourself as a failure. Everything we go through is useful in our development. Mistakes, humiliation, defeats, even obstacles, are just as valuable to us as success, victory, breakthrough. Nothing is ever wasted. Passion puts action to your faith. God can use even your mistakes for the benefit of others. Everything you go through can help someone, somewhere. I’m a living testament that if God can use me, He can use anyone.

Ronald Reagan said this, and I quote: “I believe that the issues confronting us cross party lines… the more the plans fail the more the planners plan. Now government can’t control the economy without controlling people, and they know when the government sets out to do that, it must use force and coercion to achieve its purpose. Somewhere, a perversion has taken place – our natural inalienable rights are now considered to be a dispensation of government, and freedom has never been so fragile, so close to slipping from our grasp as it is at this moment… government is not the solution to the problem – government is the problem!” I’m not anti-government. Really. I’m not. I’m just pro-purpose. HIS purpose. Just because I’m for something doesn’t necessarily mean I’m anti something else. All it means is that I know my priorities.

Kari, the carefully tasteful and discerning
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