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Sincerely Yours

One point Joyce Meyer makes in her book, How to Hear from God, is that Paul was sincere, but he was sincerely wrong.  He thought he was helping out the God of his understanding by killing Christians.  However, God says He’s LOVE.  Paul knew of God, but he didn’t know God.  It’s not hard; He wants to be found – all we have to do is seek Him, or so Jeremiah believed, so much so that he wrote it down in chapter 29, verse 13.  Many people think you can’t hear from Him, but I have a question for those who subscribe to that theory; if He really is your heavenly Father (and I happen to believe He is), and if He really loves you (and I believe He does, passionately), then I have to believe He’s talking to us.  All the time.  Am I listening?  I have to be honest.  The answer to that is… sometimes. 

I have no problem with knowing He’s God, which we’re told to do in psalm 46.10: it’s the whole being still thing I have a little more trouble with.  Even though I know that if I’m never still then I can’t really know Him like He wants me to, it’s still hard a challenge.  Ask my mother.  She’ll tell you.  I’m the original fidget.  She tried for years to make me be still, and know that she was in charge.  I tried, I truly did, but it just never really worked.  Today I came to a rather painful conclusion.  If I truly love what God loves, then I must be willing to go where He leads, even if it’s uncomfortable for me, because that’s where I’ll find those He loves.  Like Joyce has said for many years, how can we love the unlovely if we’re never around them? 

When John 14.15 says that to the degree that we love we’ll obey, I find myself once again on the potter’s wheel.  Well, I’m having a serious heart check-up this morning.  How much do I love?  Will I put my time, my talent, and my treasure where my mouth is?   Or am I all talk and no walk?  Pray for me.  I may not be where I’d like to be, but I’m nowhere where I used to be.  I’m a work in progress, and I’m ok with that.  Are you? 


Kari, the simple zealout

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