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New Year’s Revolution

Anyone can make a resolution.  I’m more into revolutions.  No, I’m not an anarchist, I’m just following the The One who loved me, and died for me.  He started it. 

One of my heroes, Joyce Meyer, once talked about what she called “the LOVE Revolution”.  She said that it had to start somewhere, and why couldn’t it start with her?  I’m totally for that!  I’m thru with the blame game, how nothing’s ever my fault and I’m a victim of circumstance.  I never really subscribed to that philosophy anyway.  Growing up, my mother always taught me to accept responsibility for my actions, and I’m so thankful for it.

Maybe it’s just me but I seem to get so caught up in the peripherals of life, the unimportant incidentals, often forgetting the big picture.  What IS the big picture? For me it’s just recently become Philippians 1.21: to live is Christ, to die is gain.

When you do the wrong thing, you’ve always got to hide… but it’ll always comes back to bite you.  Ask Esau’s brother, Jacob.  He knows this firsthand.  The trickster was tricked.  How often we forget when we sow bad actions, then we gripe when we reap on them.  Is it worth it?  A guy called Todd Burpo has a son who died on the operating table and went to heaven.  Even as a two-year-old, this young boy understood things some adults don’t.  Todd said something that has stuck with me. “God has a plan that doesn’t include closure – it’s re-union.”  How much hope does this afford the grieving?  A whole-a bunch, as my biggest blessing Alison used to say. Kerry Shook said this morning that life is short and eternity is long.  Why is it I forget this?  No words can express how much I appreciate my Father’s grace.  Perhaps David said it best in Psalm 8.4, “what is man (read: Caroline) that Thou art mindful of him?”  Occasionally I have an inkling of what God meant when He said He repented that He’d even made man.  I grieve Him so often, and it just breaks my heart.

Do I really give away what I want?  Or am I living in deception?  Do I talk about people the way I want to be talked about?  I try, but if I’m honest, not always, especially when I’m having a hedgehog day.  Do I treat others the way I want them to treat me?  Working on that.  I can honestly say that most of the time I do.  Like Joyce says, I’m OK and I’m on my way!  I’m not where I’d like to be, but I’m nowhere where I used to be!  The longer I live the more I realize the significance of my middle name, and I’m again thankful to my mother.  Every day I get to choose my attitude.  I choose love.  You?


Kari, the revolutionary

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