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It’s been said that life is not measured in the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.  Did you know that on average the human body takes eighteen thousand breaths a day?  So my question to myself this past week has been simply this – what am I doing with those breaths?  Enjoying every single one of them, or taking them for granted?  Unfortunately, I often find the latter.  I’m so glad my Father never gives up on me.  I’m sure I would have.  Many years ago.

Joyce Meyer says that nobody is in charge of your happiness but you.  Yet I find it so easy to blame circumstances for life’s discomforts.  Last night as I was driving home I saw the most beautiful sight I’ve seen in a long time.  I have a major thing for the clouds, for some reason; as it was getting dark and the sun was setting, the beauty of contrast between light and dark gave me pause.  So much so that I had to pull over and just enjoy the moment.  I’m not good at taking time to stop and smell the roses, but last night I did.  A friend of mine once invited me to visit him in Oregon, and it was one of the most exciting and pleasurable times of my life.  The combination of mountains and clouds left an impression in my mind that has never quite left.  How thankful I am to Dug for those memories.  Many times since then I’ve found myself drawn to the skies, enjoying the pure unadulterated joy of God’s awesome majesty.  Are you enjoying your every breath today?  I sure hope you are.

Kari, the breathless

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3 thoughts on “Breathtaking

  1. Mary Johnson on said:

    Beautiful, just like you.

  2. Thanks Kari. I hope you’re well.

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