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If’s, And’s or But’s

Wilderness living. This phrase brings to my mind a friend of mine, Jo. She’s a Mennonite, and has depth like few other women I know. I’m convinced Jo could survive a nuclear war; all she’d need is string and duck tape. Honest. The original MacGyver, Jo can do just about anything with very little. It’s totally inspiring.
Joyce defined the same words recently as, “staying in the soul”. How often I have found myself in a mental wilderness. Even though I know better, I seem to make the same journey there year after year, kicking myself for making the trip, wondering why I keep doing the same things when I hate the results. Joyce made another good point – miracles don’t mature you. Wow. We all want instant fixes, but she’s right; they never grow us, in any area whatsoever. Except, perhaps, our faith for miracles… for both ourselves and for others.
I know that faith stops at the “but”. God told me a long time ago, “Get your but out of the way.” Ouch! But like Joyce says, miracles come in “can’s”. Took me a minute, but then I realized that nothing is accomplished by “can’t”. So now I’m into “can’s”. I’m radical, and yes, mother, I probably have verbal diarrhea too, but I’m finally free to be me. It took me over 40 years to get to this place, and I’m gonna hold that freedom tightly to my breast. I’m so not into being politically correct. I’ve finally got my but out of the way. If I can do all things through Christ, then there IS no but. I’ve decided to actively give people the freedom to be them. All I ask is the same.

Kari, the but-less
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