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You or I

What’s your default?  That’s my question to you today.  It’ll make sense by the end, I promise.  I’ve had a rather introspective weekend, and I realized afresh the value of a lesson I learned several years back.  Many companies will tell you it’s in their “vision statement” that there are “no I’s in team”, and how everyone’s “in this together”, but employees actions show the belie those lofty claims.  A friend of mine was working with a guy once called Will, and this friend was getting very frustrated.  She happens to be an expert in her field but this guy just couldn’t seem to get past the fact that she was a woman.  Why that meant she couldn’t teach him anything about business I’m not quite sure, but anyway, as she was venting a few things God revealed something to me.  He said we all have the same choice as Will, to do things His way, or his way.  That’s how God showed it to me.  Big H verses little H.  I’m definitely doing what Ann Voskamp calls “leaving academics for reason”, because I’m learning that when I know the God who knows, I don’t have to.  When we live our lives like we truly belong to an all-knowing God, we can see good in bad.  I’m so glad He’s never surprised or disappointed in me.  He knows what I’m capable of, and still loves me.  He alone knows why I do what I do, and that makes all the difference.  Max Lucado once said God never promised to remove our struggles; He did, however, promise to change how we look at them.  And He’s doing just that.

Cicero said many profound things, but this in particular really hit a nerve: While I would fain have some tincture of all the virtues, there is no quality I would rather have, and be thought to have, than gratitude.  For it is not only the greatest virtue, but even the mother of all the rest.  An anonymous person said that if we pause to think, we will have cause to thank.

Back to the subject of default.  Mine has become thanksgiving.  What’s yours?

Kari, the discerning, reasoning, thankful gal

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