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Rotten Root, Rotten Fruit

Angry undercurrents. You can literally feel them. Matthew 12.33 says that we have the responsibility to make the tree good if we want the fruit to be good, and if we want a good life we have to be a good-fruit producer, because what we sow we reap. I must admit that I’ve had a week that was enough to test the soul and character of anybody, and I’m sure you’ve been there a time or two. My job description is personal assistant, but that amounts to several things: chauffer, maid, house cleaner, the heavy (mov multiple computers for several days straight), laundry woman, computer geek (which I’m not, but I do know more than the person I work for), and cook. Yep. I’m so glad it’s Friday.
I was thinking about the day last night, how I’ve been feeling manipulated and taken advantage of for quite some time. Then I remembered that I’m not going to give an account to my Father for anyone but me. So today I’m asking for your prayer. That I would do what I do in love. Whatever job that requires. That I would keep my attitude straight and my mouth closed. That I wouldn’t act ugly, because even if I’m right, I can still be wrong. And anyway, being right is highly over-rated. I’d rather be righteous.

Kari, the introspective
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