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A Life for a Life

God said it first – there is no greater love than that a man lay down his life for a friend. The military do it every single day, and they do it for those they don’t even know. I’m so thankful to the nameless, faceless, brave men and women who fight for my right to freedom of speech. Of expression. Romans 13 tells us God was the One who instituted them in the first place, and living close to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, I have a constant reminder of their sacrifice.
Matthew 11.12 tells us that the kingdom of God suffers violence and it’s the violent that take it by force. The Amplified Bible says in Matthew 5.9 that it’s the makers and maintainers of peace who are blessed. So if we’re ever going to experience peace, if I’m reading my Father’s precious holy Word right, I’m gonna have to fight for it.
I never really thought of myself as a fighter but if you ask my mother she’ll tell you I am. We’ve had many a disagreement over the years, but they pretty much all seem to be over our core convictions and beliefs. I’m not a mean or hateful person, I just know what I believe and I’m not willing to compromise in that one area. It’s not that I’m close-minded, I’m just convinced. After all, Jesus said, “I am THE way”. He’s also the Truth and the Life, but getting back to the ‘way’ part, how narrow-minded can you get? The One who gave His life for me tells me He’s the ONLY way to heaven.. so for those out there who believe there’s more than one way to heaven, I’ve got news for you – the Being who created heaven in the first place, claims He made not only the the heavens but the earth as well, claims He put the stars in place with His very fingers, even claims He’s written your name in the palms of His hands, says there’s a broad way and a narrow way but we’re the ones who get to choose which we will walk. My pastor used to say that if you question the first three words in the bible, “in the beginning God…” then don’t bother reading further, ‘cos it’ll do you no good whatsoever. Good point. Why would you bother to read a book when you didn’t even believe the premise that book stands on? What a waste of time. Yet so many do. It’s not the kind of book you can pick and choose what you like and what you throw out. It’s never been The Ten Suggestions. It’s the 10 Commandments. I’ve always been an all-or-nothing gal, and even when I was running far away from my Father’s precious presence I lived my life with gusto. When I came back to Him, totally and completely, my personality didn’t change, just the focus. Why are so many Christians mega-weird? How are we ever going to get people to want what we have if we’re just plain kooky? I’d rather be Jesus with skin on, and He went about doing good. It’s hard to resist good indefinitely. Waddya say? Will you lay down your life for a friend? A total stranger? To invest some of your valuable time in someone who just happened to cross your path that day? Are you up for it? To change your world by showing it the goodness of God through an imperfect vessel, loved by a very perfect God? I am. Hope you’ll join me for the ride.

Kari, the laying-down-her-lifer
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