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I Did It My Way

I sure did. For three decades. I had to finally accept the fact that it births nothing more than an empty life. I started to understand what Solomon meant by his words, “vanity, vanity, all is vanity”.
Selfish and self-centered. The phrase has been going around in my brain for several days now. There’s a chick out there on the great world-wide-web who calls herself ‘the Selfish Seamstress’. I myself am a seamstress, and I count it a precious gift. I love to share it; I can’t imagine not using it for others. It grieved me so, when I discovered her blog. Then I realized something had happened in this woman’s life to make her untrusting of her fellow man – or woman – and she feels the need to justify that decision. But selfishness is such an empty way of life. It’s wrong, on so many levels. It achieves nothing, blesses no one. As believers we’re commanded to be a blessing.
Agape is nothing more than sacrificial love toward someone unworthy of such love. Christ was our example. I’ve heard the word ‘soul’ defined as what you think, what you feel, and what you want. Which will lead to serious heart-examination if you take it literally, rather than view it as just a cute phrase to throw out when you want to win friends and influence people. Meditating on those words produced another revelation. I’m sure you’ve already realized it but I hadn’t made the connection till the other day. The bible starts with a wedding and ends with a wedding. So if God is so much into relationships that He starts His love letter to us with one and ends it with another, why don’t we put the same importance on them? Statistics say that the average dad talks to his average kids an average of 45 seconds a day. How pitiful is that? How in God’s name can we influence anyone on 45 seconds a day? The same survey said those same average kids watched an average of 4 hours of tv a day, though. Makes me glad I don’t have cable. Pause for thought, maybe? I know I’m gonna make more of an effort to reach out to my two biggest blessings in life, my daughers. Just sayin’.

Kari, the unselfish seamstress writer calligrapher entrepreneur extraordinaire
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