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Hangin’ Out

John 15.5 says that apart from Jesus we can do nothing. It’s so easy to gloss over that because we’ve probably heard it a million times. But how often do we try to do things on our own? I’m finally becoming fully persuaded that I can do nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, without Him. Many say it but their actions prove otherwise and Matthew 7 verse 16 says that fruit, not words, will show our belief system. Joyce says if you’re having a bad day, then you haven’t been hanging out on the vine. What vine? Well, in that same chapter Jesus called His Father the vine and told us we were the branches. He went on to say that if we didn’t produce fruit we’d be cut off. To quote Joyce again, she says you’re pruned if ya do and you’re pruned if ya don’t…so ya may as well produce. I often think of the leafy figless tree Jesus came across, Mark 11.12-14, and how He had a few choice words for that phony in disguise. If it’s by our fruit that we’ll be known, how’re ya doin’? Maybe it’s just me, but I’m having yet another check up from the neck up.
My good friend Debbie posed a question to me the other day: am I being “cross” effective? Or ineffective? What a scary thought. Jesus told the Pharisees they were whitewashed tombs full of dead men’s bones, and that all their works were in vain. How crushed a man must feel to get to the end of his life and stand before a holy God telling Him all the things you did for Him and He softly says, “I never knew you.” One of my absolute fave songs eva is by Anthony Evans, called I Choose Now. The chorus basically says that one day every knee will bow but I choose now. Me too. You?

Kari, the hanger-on-for-dear-lifer
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ps. In case you’re interested and like to hear it, I’ve pasted the link to the song:


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