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Supersize That

I never really cared for the BK slogan, “have it your way”.  I wanna ask the creator of it, “who died and made you the pope?”  Kerry Shook was talking recently about what he called, “Customization Salvation”.  Immediately I thought of Genesis 1.27. when God said He created us in His very own image, but then my mind went to Exodus 32.4, where the people broke God’s heart because Mo’s baby bro Aaron, the high priest, God’s man of power for the hour, made an idol, a golden calf, and what’s worse is that all the priests, including Aaron, told the Israelites, “these are your gods.” 

You’re gonna become like what you hang out with.  How often do I form my Father into an image I have made?  Do I really want Him to move in my life, but only on my own terms?  He’s God, for crying out loud.  What do I think I can possibly teach Him?  Why do I think I know what’s best for my life?  How many T-shirts do I have to buy before I learn that Father really does know best?

So it’s a new day and I’ve made one more new decision.  I don’t do customized salvation. It’s not a vending machine, where I can pick and choose the four commandments I think I want to comply with.  I’ve always been an all-or-nothing gal and I don’t understand people who aren’t.  To me, life is black and white.  For me, there really is no grey.  Something’s either right, or it’s not.  Tonight in my online class seminar the teacher posed what he called a “hypothetical dilemma.”  Should the parent of an abused child be treated, or punished?  In my humble opinion I’d say both, but unlike my classmates, I had a caveat.  If the parent knew what they were doing and were in their right mind, the punishment should come before the treatment. One thing that will make me lose that uncustomized salvation real quick is someone abusing the innocent and defenseless.  I guess it’s the Brit in me – brings out the Robin Hood complex.  Forgive me.  I may not be where I need to be, but I’m way further than I used to be.  I’m OK, and I’m on my way.  And I’m happy with that.


Kari, the often clueless but desperately loved by an amazing God

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