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Of Birds and Bees

Well, OK, I admit it, no bees. Only birds. I just couldn’t resist the title. It was Socrates that said, “the unexamined life is not worth living.” I’ve been accused several times in the past few years of overanalyzing, but to be honest, I’d rather think something to death than never consider it at all.
My pastor, like me, has a real thing for nature programs and, like me, God teaches him life lessons through them. He told the story many years ago but it comes to my remembrance every once in a while and it’s well worth retelling.
The whippoorwill is a very small bird whose main natural predator is the hawk. More on the whippoorwill in a sec.
New subject. Shouting warriors can be intimidating. Centuries ago. Scottish clansmen knew this to be true. Of course, I’m sure having nothing under those kilts must have helped quite a bit with that terror factor; when I discovered this tidbit of history for days I had visions of big, fierce, hairy men running down a hill into the wind and onto a battlefield… hope you get the visual… that would put fear into the most steadfast heart, I’m sure. Someone once said that the enemy always underestimates the power of prayer, and that reminded me of when Mo was on the mountain top and Josh said he heard the sound of war in the camp. Nope. Not war. More like an orgy. For real. Read it. I find the bible fascinating. There’s what Carman once said you can find on any daytime soap: every immorality known to man, committed by everybody, in less than half an hour. Well, ok, not half an hour, but there’s a whole lot of R-rated subject going on. It’s been years since I saw one even briefly, ‘cos they gross me out. Maybe weird, but still true. God is so real. And He has no problem using weakness as a teaching tool.
Back to the whippoorwill. Like I said, it’s very small bird and pretty defenseless when travelling alone, which is why they tend to fly en mass. However – and there’s always a however, isn’t there? – only a healthy whippoorwill sings. So what would any self-respecting hawk be looking for when on a hunting expedition? The same thing the enemy of our souls is after. A silent whippoorwill. A silent bird is a sick bird, and a sick bird is easy prey. After all, if I was roaming around seeking someone to devour, like 1st Peter 5 verse 8 says is his MO, he’d be a major dufus to take on a strong and healthy Christian, now wouldn’t he?
The moral of the story? God already told me what I’m supposed to be doing. Singing the song of the redeemed. I’m reminded once again for the bazillionth time that I’ve lost my song, and I need to get it back again real quick or I’ll be one dead whippoorwill.

Kari, the singing whippoorwill
original content, copyright © 2000, karigraceplace.com, all rights reserved
no birds or bees were harmed in the writing of this blog


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