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SuperAbounding SuperWoman

Me? Right. So not happening. But I must admit that I do have my moments. God thinks I’m super. To die for, in fact. And I’m totally OK being a woman. After all, man got us into this mess, and Man had to get us out of it. A Lamb had to die, and I pray I never forget the price He paid for my redemption.
Romans 5.20 says that where sin abounds, grace “much more” abounds. Hence the SuperAbounding title. And oh, how I need that much more abounding grace. Every day. Then it hits me. To get it, I have to give it. Ouch!
Psalm 31 verse 15 says that my times are in His hands, and just knowing that has been a lifeline for me on so many occasions in my short life. 1st John 3.20 tells me that even if my heart condemns me because I’m not perfect, my heavenly Father, Papa, is greater than my heart. I’m rather partial to Little John; it happens to be one of my fave books. I’m not sure I’d exactly rip it out of the bible, but if I had to be one of those Christians in the underground church in China who have to memorize one book of the bible, I might well choose Little John. After all, you’ve gotta love the guy who claimed he was the disciple whom Jesus loved. I’m a beneficiary of His abundant love, just because. I used to wonder about that, but then I remembered that Papa’s no respecter of persons. What He’s done for one, He’ll do for all. I can have it too. So I’ve decided that I’m the disciple whom Jesus loves. I’m His favourite kid! And I have three words for you: Don’t hate; imitate!!!
My pastor talked one Sunday about what he called a “Caleb spirit”, and I remembered that in Numbers 14. 24 the bible says he had a “different spirit”. It also flashed thru my mind that in Daniel 6.3 God said He thought Daniel had an “excellent” spirit. How I long for that. To be so distinguished by my moral character that Papa wants to talk about me. How cool is that?
Here’s a song that might really bless you, one that’s on my heart right now really strong though I’m not sure why. It’s by Holly Starr, and it’s called Don’t Have Love.

Kari, the superabounding grace-giver and receiver
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