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Bringing Down the House

Walls have a purpose. There are good reasons to have walls; then again, there are bad. The same walls that keep out danger also keep out love. A cold heart cannot experience either. Gary Chapman said something recently that struck a chord within me. He was talking about walls within a relationship, and my youngest daughter was heavy on my heart. Then I realized something: I can only tear down the walls on my side of the equation. I can’t do a thing about the walls on the other side.
Proverbs 18.19 says that a brother offended is harder to win back than a strong city. The word “offense” comes from the Greek word “skandalon”, which was actually the bait that was hung in a trap in order to entice an animal. When I learned that small but significant fact, I started looking at offense in a whole new way. I realized that the bait may be offered, but I don’t have to take it. In fact, it’s wise to just pass it up. You can only make decisions for you, but if you don’t make them somebody else will. Many years ago I made the commitment that as for me and my house, we were gonna serve the Lord. Come rain or come shine, that simple principle guides my life to this day.
I’ve also decided to adopt one of John Maxwell’s philosophies. I heard him say that he wanted to be a dream builder and a people builder. What a great goal for life. One caveat – I also choose to be a wall builder. Nehemiah is a hero of mine. He was the original wall builder, and accomplished great things. helping not only rebuild but also fortify the city of Jerusalem at a time when Israel had many enemies. I’ve often thought about how the bible says they had a brick one hand and a sword in the other. Well, OK, it doesn’t exactly use those words but that’s what it means. They were working for God while ready at all times to fight if necessary. Yep, there’s a lot to learn from walls if you’ve a mind to listen. Don’t wait until it’s too late to learn them.

Kari, the wall builder and wall destroyer
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