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All Things Wild and Wonderful

There’s a hymn they sung in my elementary school with the line, “All things wild and wonderful, the Lord God made them all.”  It stuck with me over the years, and though I didn’t realize it at the time, this would include anyone born on this earth but especially any child of the living God. (I firmly believe we’re all His children, but only some of us know and accept it.)

The more I find out about the body, the more amazed I become. The body can withstand almost anything thrown at it. It takes all the abuse we give it, and all it asks is 8 hours rest a night. Some people don’t even give it that. I had a feisty moment recently, when the local radio station asked listeners to tell them what they had for breakfast. It was pitiful what people expect their temple to function well on. Pretty much pop-tarts and coffee seems to be the general concensus. I admit, I lost it – I just had to call the station, and tell them they should be ashamed. Years ago I read that the average man takes better care of his car than his body; I didn’t really believe it till that day. If your body is truly the temple of God, why do so many trash theirs? A college peer of mine made me laugh when she said my recent post was fascinating, where I pointed out that one reason we’re living longer is because a few of us are finally getting the message, McFly, and paying a lot more attention to what we eat and how we move. When I heard Doctor Don Colbert say that a stagnant pool breeds disease I had a total “renewing of the mind” moment and I’ve not turned back. It’s so true. Almost any disease known to man can be cured by two basic things; diet, and exercise. I’ve got the research to prove it.
That being said, I’m not opposed to you doing neither. If you want to see Jesus before me you go right ahead wid yaw bad self! It’s just that I have a whole lot more I want to do with the precious days Papa’s given me on this earth.
In closing, I just had to share this. I guarantee it’s worth the one minute and sixteen seconds of your life it’ll take to watch. omg dude, I’m glad I’m not the cameraman… I think I’d be covered in spit… but it’s fascinating what people pour their short lives into. You ain’t seen nothin’ like this! I promise! And probably never will again.


Kari, the far-from-stagnant-pool
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