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First Impressions

are rarely the whole picture. Forgive me if I don’t really like Simon – it’s hard to like a guy who makes a living humiliating and demeaning his fellow man, or woman – but I do admire the fact that he’s got the guts to admit when he’s formed a wrong first impression. I’ll give him that. It’s so easy to do, though. How many times do I find myself judging what I think I see when, in truth, I don’t have a clue?
What am I doing with my gift? I’m not sure. But I’ve decided not to allow my past to define me. It can, you know, if you let it. I’m sure you’ve attended more than one pity party in your time. When you’re depressed, you won’t recognize His voice. How well I know this. And I struggle so in His loving hand. I couldn’t do anything to be accepted the first time – what makes me think I can do anything in my own strength now?
Jehovah Jirah met the Israelites where they were, and met their need without being asked… will He not also meet mine? I’m apt to forget the lesson, tho. What lesson? The bread lesson. Break the bread, then go feed others. Don’t worry about it. He’s got plenty! Some days, I just don’t want to share. Or encourage the discouraged.
At a fire Peter denied Jesus, yet at another fire he was re-ignited. Recommissioned. Reinstated. Restored. The man now restored preaches in Acts 2 and the destiny of a whole bunch of people is eternally changed. Let the inventory of your mind go – it’s passed. The devil is cruel. You can still go forward. “This ole’ boy died a long time ago!” There is therefore NOW no condemnation, Romans 8. 1 says, and it’s been a lifeline for me for many years. I’m dead; the life that I now live I live by faith in the Son of God. You have no idea of the people you are going to affect because of your freedom… wow! Let’s start a wildfire and let’s start it together. Accepting those around us in love. Are ya up for it?

Kari, the non-judgmental big-picture living love gal
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