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Take No Prisoners

One of my fave verses eva is Zechariah 9.12, especially in the Amplified bible. I highly encourage you to check it out some time. Basically, it calls us, “prisoners of hope”. I decided a long time ago that if I’m gonna be a prisoner, I’d rather choose to be bound by hope than by sin.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it seems hope is a thing sadly lacking in our world today but we, as Christians, are supposed to be “abounding” in hope, according to Romans 15.13. How easy it is to lose, and not quite as easy to share with others or even hold on to ourselves.
Like a kid at Christmas, we’re supposed to live life in joyful expectation of good, and there are many verses to support this train of thought. It really is all about focus. How are we every gonna change if we keep repeating the same choices? God tells us again and again to overcome evil with good. If we want good in our life then logically, we have to start thinking good and saying good and even doing good before it will ever manifest in our lives. Joyce says that any time you want something, start giving it away. Then follow that action by what she calls “pray, and say”. Which I know from experience will produce show and tell. I’m so thankful Papa is working in my life no matter what it looks like or feels like. Joyce also says that when we see the least and feel the least He’s often doing the most! I’m so thankful God is good at doing suddenlys in my life. He works on ordinary days in extraordinary ways. I for one am expecting my “suddenly”. In any area of my life that He chooses. Are you?

Kari, the proud prisoner
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