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Of Mice and Men

I’m so thankful for Lamentations. Not many people can say that, or even will, but I am. Especially chapter 3, verses 22 and 23. That’s where Papa promised that His mercies are new every single morning. And like my pastor says, if they’re continually new then we must continually need them! Well, maybe not you, but definitely me.
To quote Steinbeck, even the best-laid plans can oft go awry. I’m sure you’ve never had this problem but I’m afraid my plans for the day very often go awry!! I wake up with the best intentions but by day’s end it’s a whole ‘nother story. I want to walk in love. I plan to accomplish every single thing on my to-do list. I am determined to spend time in prayer and His Word. But like I said, small bumps in the road and sometimes great big all-out snafus have a habit of happening in my life. So I’ve made a fresh dedication to a new year’s resolution perhaps a little late in life; to do my best on any given day, and trust Papa to do the rest.
A wise man by the name of James Leman once said there is no excuse for abuse, an idea I’ve thought about often. I have no business beating someone else up, yes, yet I forget the same rule applies to me. I’m doing better with the former but I still fail miserably in the latter. A friend once told me satan doesn’t need any help – I beat myself up just fine without his help. Maybe I’m just a frustrated perfectionist and I because I want to give the Saver of my soul my absolute best I’m never quite satisfied, I don’t know; I do know I’m often harder on myself than I should be. Then I remember . And I thank Him that I’m finally learning to walk in my middle name. With myself, and others. I pray this day you’re learning the same lesson.

Kari, the mercy-liver grace-giver
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