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Black Sheep

I learned just recently that sheep won’t drink from fast-moving waters; they fear falling in. How many times do I fear what Papa is doing in my life, and rather than take the plunge and walk on water, or sink as the case may be, do nothing? If you’ve ever done any research on sheep, you will know that not only are they very, very stupid and stubborn but they’re also skittish? No wonder Papa calls me one! Yep, I’ve been known to be very stupid. And stubborn. Even skittish at times. When I know that I know He is telling me to do something, but I go by feelings rather than faith. Not you, of course. You’d never do that, right? I’m only sharing all this because Psalm 23 took on a whole new dimension for me after learning this.
When my two angels were small I made a decision they didn’t care for too much. One that changed my life but didn’t seem to have much effect on theirs. What decision? you may ask. Justifiably so. To be serious about my faith. To put actions to that faith. Which also affected what I found no longer acceptable. Like PG13 movies. Cusswords. Attitude. So I instituted new rules in the house. One great thing about getting to be a single mom is that I was thrust into the place of headship so I chose to embrace the role. Another thing I purposed in my heart to do was speak God’s Word over my children. Which they didn’t appreciate very much, but it didn’t change my choice. Both of my children are still not walking in that revelation yet but they will. Eventually. If Papa can change my heart He can change anybody! My two angels may have deliberately forgotten a lot of what I taught them but I guarantee, some place deep inside, they know Psalm 23. I spoke it over them every night for years as I knelt by their bedside and kissed them goodnight. I believe one word is all it takes. We never know what one word can do, to destroy or build up another’s life. I must admit I respect but don’t happen to agree with Saint Anthony – I believe there is no such thing as a lost cause. Ask me how I know this. I was one. A huge one. I pray today finds you encouraged to keep believing for the improbable and attempting the impossible. We serve a mighty God Who can do mighty things with a submitted vessel. I’ve gone from black sheep to pure and holy and righteous, because of His Son. Many gave up on me. But the Lover of my soul, the Healer of my heart, never did. He never will.
Kari, the totally turncoat
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ps. did I mention that goats will eat anything? Just a thought…


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