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Social Functions and Dysfunctions

Being in a Bachelors degree will really do a number on your spiritual growth, if you’ll let it. For good and for bad. This was a phrase I read recently that totally captured my attention. The writer of one of my textbooks wrote these words. And me, being me, I got a visual really fast. I simply couldn’t resist a blog about my thoughts on the subject. This is, after all, the land of the free and the home of the brave. I think. It was the last time I checked…
There’s a principle in the world of high finance called “opportunity cost”, meaning that we all have the same amount of hours in a day and if you choose to invest yours into something, there’s always something else you’ll have to forgo to do that.
I’ve learned in life that my love is proved by my actions. In their incredible book, Burn, Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee have one of their characters make a statement that stuck with me: the heart has two chambers – one for John, and one for Judas. When I read that I realized that every day from the minute I wake up I make choices. Especially in where I choose to invest my time. Something no man can get back, but many place little value on. I’m very selective about what I do with mine.
I recently heard of a concept known as the One-Minute Bedtime Story. Some I’m sure would jump at the chance to do this with their nearest and dearest, but I have a question – just how important are your children to you? That was my most special time of the day, and I was willing to invest in it. If you’d have told me about these one-minute stories I’d have thanked you kindly but passed up that offer.
So when is the opportunity cost just too high? Only you can tell. As for me, I’ve decided life is short and family is important. I choose to invest there. How ‘bout you?
Kari, the wise time-investor
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