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Silence of the Lambs

Something is terribly wrong in the land of the free and the home of the brave. When freedom of speech leads to kidnapping innocent girls and keeping them 10 years as a sex toy, Houston in my opinion we have a problem.
In 2008 over 1,900 youth under the age of 20 ended their lives by suicide. And it’s on the increase. A simple youtube “teen suicide” search produce ‘about 261,000’ hits and for google, the net is 194,000,000. One person in America commits suicide every 17 minutes. That makes it the 11th most common cause of death, even higher than homicide, and 3rd for those under-25. That just fires me up, it really does. To know that we are killing the unborn because they hold no value but we’re not stopping our teens from doing the same thing is enough to send anyone over the edge, doncha think? Maybe you’ve never really thought about it before.
Bishop Keith Butler has an amazing CD that covers many court cases over many years and shows the gradual but definite erosion of morals in this country. And surprise surprise, it didn’t start with Roe vs. Wade.
I did some research once on the power of one. One vote. One voice. You’d be surprised how much history it’s changed. People tell me all the time in a rather wimpy tone, “I’m only one person… what can I possibly do?” Well, in my opinion the time has come for SOMEone to do SOMEthing, and it can start with me. It’s that thinking that will keep us in this destructive cycle. God said it first, in Proverbs 23:7 – whatever you think in your heart of hearts is what you’re gonna be. Science is finally catching up with the Almighty, which is always good to know. Research clearly proves that destructive thinking leads to destructive actions. We all have a part in preventing outbreaks like Columbine.
How do we change our world? One person at a time. We need to all take ownership of this issue in society and do our part in preventing its affect those within our sphere of influence. All we have to do is look. The signs are there for anyone who cares enough and will take the time to see. I’m not a professional, I’m just someone who cares. Oh, by the way, go ahead and try to impeach me. I dare you. Last time I checked I still had the liberty of freedom of speech.
Kari, the passionate
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Just an FYI:
1. to accuse (a public official) before an appropriate tribunal of misconduct in office.
2. Chiefly Law. to challenge the credibility of: to impeach a witness.
3. to bring an accusation against.
4. to call in question; cast an imputation upon: to impeach a person’s motives.
5. to call to account.


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