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Sportin’ a ‘Tude

What’s going on in a redhead’s head today? I’m glad you asked. An awful lot, as usual, but mostly, irritation.
Patsy Clairmont might have been on to something when she said that she was “sportin’ a ‘tude”. Been known to do that myself. But I have to vent, and if it’s OK with you, I’ll vent in cyberspace where it won’t do too much collateral damage.
When people ask me what I am, I’ll tell them I’m a child of God. I’m so sick of titles. Everywhere I go right now it seems I meet a prophet, or an evangelist, or a preacher, but you’d never know it by their actions. You’ve never met a mean Christian in your life, I’m sure, but I have… I’ve even been them.
I’m not perfect, by any means; of this I am painfully aware. I’ve had my fair share of hedgehog days. Had one recently, as a matter of fact. I have, however, learned through painful experience to just man up and act right. Proverbs 18.16 says a man’s gifts make room for him, and bring him before great men. Not his mouth, his gifts. The gifts God gives He never takes back, but that doesn’t mean He’s always pleased with what we do with them. So I’ve decided that I don’t do titles. You will never have my respect by telling me your title, and you won’t demand it of me either. You can earn it, though, by your conduct.
I’m ashamed to admit there’s a reason I don’t have a fish on the back of my car. I don’t want to dishonour the One who gave His life for me, and calls me precious in His sight. Even on my hedgehog days. Days when I feel so prickly that if anyone anywhere says one wrong thing, I might blow up in their face. The rest of the day is often spent with introspective profound thoughts like. “Nice going, Einstein. Ya really showed them.” Or words to that effect. How thankful I am for Romans 8.1. Some days I live there. There is therefore NOW no condemnation. For those who are in Christ Jesus. And I’m definitely in. Like I’ve always said, never judge a God by His kids. They’ll steer you wrong. Every time. If I’m gonna be Jesus with skin on, so those around me will know me by my love for others, I think I might have further to go than I thought. But I’m on my way. Hope you are.
Kari, the ‘tudeless and titleless
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