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Liar Liar

May I ask you a question? When did the very first lie occur? If you’ve read even the first chapters of your bible, you’ll know the answer. In the Garden. Eve heard it first. But what’s worse, she listened. The listening in and of itself wasn’t sin, it’s what followed next that’s the problem. She entertained what she heard to the point where she believed what I like to call “the alternate voice”. Which leads us to another problem. Believing the lie will always lead to bondage. We need to guard zealously what we allow into our eyes and ears; eventually it will eventually reach our mind and heart. It may take a while but it’ll get there.
Of course, it takes conscious effort to protect yourself from the world’s influence, when it goes contrary to the Truth. (Just in case you’ve forgotten, God says His very Word is Truth.) It’s worth it though. I ask you, what’s the alternative? Deception? No thank you. Been there done that got way too many T-shirts. I pray we recognize it quickly, and reject it just as quickly. I’d like to encourage you to carefully select who you allow to enter your life. Your mind. Your heart. May a healthy consistent diet of His Word alone shape our views, our values. There really is no such thing as a harmless lie. Belief produces behaviour. Every sin starts out small. And it starts with a lie. It grows progressively over time, and it gets easier to believe. But there’s a way out.
First, we need to identify the bondage that leads to the behaviour. Next, we need to attack the lie it sprung from. All that’s left is to repent, and exchange the lie for Truth. Few consciously realize they don’t believe that God is good, deep down in their soul. I’ve heard enough people say it to know it’s true. Once you doubt His goodness, you feel justified in making your own choices. He is good, whether it seems like it or not, so whatever your circumstances say today, I encourage you to believe this truth. There is often a disconnect in what we know intellectually and what we feel to be true. If the just shall live by faith, why are we so moved by feelings? He says in Psalm 119 verse 68 that He’s good, and that everything He does is for your good. You either believe that, or you don’t. May our hearts be quickened this day only by Truth, and never entertain the lie.

Kari, the Truth believer
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