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Something Precious This Way Comes

But what will we do with it? I blame my Arts and Humanities teacher, James. It all started with his school project. Create a time capsule with certain things you’d like to give someone 100 years in the future. Who’d have thought that rabbit trail would be so exciting, saddening, and downright fulfilling?
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Something is terribly wrong in the land of the free and the home of the brave. When you exercising your freedom of speech leads to kidnapping innocent girls and keeping them hostage for 10 years solid simply because you want a sex toy, Houston you’ve gotta admit we have a problem. Yes, you totally have the right to freedom of speech. Until your right to that freedom takes away mine. Then you don’t.
We have seen evidence of definite erosion of morals in this country. And it didn’t start with Roe vs. Wade. Forgive me but this is a really controversial subject that I feel extremely zealous about. As I watch those passionate souls picketing and carrying signs saying it’s a woman’s right to have an abortion, I find it incredibly ironic that those who were born are campaigning for those who are not yet born to never be born. Maybe it’s just me that sees the irony.
Did you know that the law says a woman can abort her blob of cells right up to the day of its birth, yet science has proven that blob of cells has a heartbeat at 22 days of life? Last time I checked, killing something with a heartbeat was still frowned upon in our society. But then again I could be wrong.
To quote justfacts.com, “At any point prior to birth according to the Supreme Court’s rulings in Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton, and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, a pregnant woman can abort to preserve her “health.” One example from Roe v. Wade of what may be considered harmful to a mother’s health is the work of caring for a child….”.
Question – did you know that on the very same day the Supreme Court released Roe v. Wade, there was another ruling? The Doe v. Bolton? I didn’t. Have you ever even heard of Doe v. Bolton? I hadn’t. So I did the research. Which led to some extremely interesting places.
The same seven judges ruled in favor in both cases. The same two judges also opposed both rulings. To quote justfacts.com again, “The majority wrote that this ruling and Roe v. Wade “are to be read together”. So how come I haven’t heard of Doe v. Bolton?
To quote justfacts.com one more time, “The Roe v. Wade verdict provides several examples of what may constitute a risk the health of the mother. These include the “stigma of unwed motherhood and the “distress” associated with the unwanted child.” Well forgive me but almost any child will cause a parent “distress”. It’s a fact of life. And I’m all for preserving the mother’s health, but what about her unborn’s? All I ask is for a rational responsible human being to take responsibility for their choices. I realize there are always extenuating circumstances, such as rape or violence, and that it’s always the woman’s choice, but in the majority of cases I feel the person doesn’t want to be held accountable for their actions; I’m just making a case for the baby.
Did you know that the Planned Parenthood website states, and I quote verbatim:
“In the two decades before abortion was legal in the United States, nearly one million women went “underground” each year for illegal operations. Thousands died for lack of medical care.”
They cite no sources whatsoever for these claims, but the U.S. Center for Disease Control, whose stats from legal abortions were both accepted and USED by Planned Parenthood, clearly state that in the year before the landmark Roe v. Wade Case, 1972, only 39 deaths came from illegal abortions. Interestingly enough, the year after, 1974, there were 26 from legal abortions. Mmmm. Food for thought, perhaps?
Could it possibly be that the facts show there were more medical issues from botched legal abortions than from illegal ones during those years? Just sayin’.
Here’s another scary thought for parents of girls.
Parental Consent & Notification – State Laws
June 2008:
– 35 states have some kind of law in effect that requires parental consent or notification for a minor to have an abortion. Out of 50. Good odds? You decide.
– 7 states have a parental consent or notification law that is being blocked – yes, you heard me right, blocked – by a court. And you thought they had your back.
– 8 states have no, I repeat, NO, laws requiring parental consent or notification for abortions. Is it just me or is that sick? No, I’m not my brother’s keeper… but maybe I should be.
Even the Encyclopedia of Human Biology states:
“Attempts to suckle have been seen … in aborted fetuses of 3 months.” So much for the blob of cells theory. If ya can’t trust a science book, how CAN you trust?
In case you find yourself a tad depressed at this point, here’s some heartening news:
A child was born in Britain in 2003 at 24 weeks gestation, after three abortion procedures had been conducted. In 2005 he was healthy, and is recognized as the first long-term abortion survivor to be born as prematurely as 24 weeks.
Another child, Gianna Jessen, born in 1977, survived an abortion at 7 ½ months . Yes, she suffered cerebral palsy as a direct result of the procedure. However, she is now a fulfilled 31-year-old running marathons, writing, singing, and, strangely enough, travelling the world campaigning against abortion. Who’d have thunk it?
When it comes to the issue of Roe verses Wade and a woman’s right to do with her body as she pleases, I’d like to add one more thing. A close friend of mine said something two weeks ago that stuck with me. He was on a plane one day and he just happened to be seated next to a very well-dressed older woman. They got to talking and he asked her what she did. Turns out she was a fairly high-ranking woman in Planned Parenthood. She then returned the favour, and upon hearing he was an evangelist, she groaned, “here it comes…” He, however, wisely chose to ignore this remark and keep the talk light.
Later in the conversation, he asked her a profound question. “May I share how I feel about abortion?” To which she responded rather cynically, “I knew it. Go ahead.” His answer was not what she expected. It was simple, but very deep. He basically said this: I own my house. It’s mine to do with as I please. I can paint it pink. Orange. Burn it down, if I have a mind to. Of course, I’ll have to pay the bank – but it’s mine. So I can burn it to the ground if I choose to. Unless someone’s inside…
It was one of those lightbulb moments. Of which there have been several in my life. Proverbs 15.1 says that a gentle answer turns away wrath, and the older I get the more I find this to be true. How can you refute an answer like that? Even if you’re violently for the so-called woman’s right to kill her unborn baby, I can’t imagine anyone getting offended at such a gentle response.
I’m all about life. Any age, any color. Yes, let’s save the whales and the lesser spotted owls, but can we start with our teens and the unborn? How do we change our world? One person at a time. We need to all take ownership of this issue in society, and do our part in preventing its affect those within our sphere of influence. All we have to do is look. The signs are there for anyone who cares enough and will take the time to see. I’m not a professional. I’m just someone who cares enough to do something. Oh, by the way, go ahead and try to impeach me. I dare you. Last time I checked I still had the liberty of freedom of speech.
Kari, crusader for the rights of souls unborn
original content, copyright © 2000, karigraceplace.com, all rights reserved
ps. technically, I am a public official. Any Notary Public is.

No More Grey

My heart just broke reading some of the responses on this blog. I realize not everybody posting is a devout Christian, and as such, can’t possibly understand the love of God or how a Christian could view everything in life from that mindset. But even a fool knows there IS no grey. Something’s either right or it’s wrong, there’s no in between. That’s like saying your arm is half-broken. It either is, or it isn’t.

God don’t like ugly, and He don’t do grey, 50 shades or otherwise. As Christians we’re supposed to speak the truth in love, and I believe Dannah did – I saw nothing in Dannah’s post worthy of such vilification. Nike didn’t invent it – Titus 2 verse 12 that God’s grace teaches us to “say NO to ALL ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age.” It’s not sex that’s ungodly – He MADE sex, for crying out loud! He just wants it to be pure. Tell me there’s purity in this book, that there’s anything upright and godly in it, and I’ll retract my stand against it. Prove it to me. Until then, I’m with Dannah: I ain’t readin’ it!
Matthew 12 verse 36 tells us we will give an account for every word we speak. Matthew 5 verse 9 blesses the MAKERS and MAINTAINERS of peace. Matthew 11 verse 12 says that violent men TAKE the kingdom of heaven by FORCE. I’m not a bible scholar but ‘violent’ and ‘makers’ tells me there’s gonna be opposition some place.
If you don’t know what you stand for you’ll be hoodwinked every time. There IS no such thing as “situational ethics”. A thing is either black or it’s white. There is no grey. Period. A builder uses something called a plumbline to tell if a wall is built straight and true. If the Word of God is not your plumbline for life you’ll believe anything that comes down the pike. Why is it that society accepts people airing their dirty laundry in public but when a bible-believing, faith-walking, tongue-talking, Jesus naming, Holy Ghost filled, fired up child of the living God tries to say something they get lambasted? We’re commanded in 1st John 4 verse 1 not to believe every spirit but to test the spirits, whether they be of God; I don’t understand why people get all riled up when Christians exercise their freedom of speech. The writer of the novel had that constitutional right. Why don’t those who disagree with her opinions? It’s not a crusade, it’s uncompromising righteousness. Just because society and the Supreme Court are confused about what’s right or wrong doesn’t mean God is, and I’ll defend a God-fearing God-honouring woman who has the guts to speak her mind. I applaud her for that. Go Dannah!
Kari, the determined-to-be-holy
original content, copyright © 2000, karigraceplace.com, all rights reserved

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