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Just Passin’ Through

Oh yeah.  I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching recently, most of it due to a book.  It’s the kind of book you have to take in small sound bytes, because it’s so profound.  Lioness Arising is the name, and Lisa Bevere is the author.  I normally don’t do this but I highly recommend reading it.  Take this morning as a for-instance.  Before dawn I was reminded of many truths I had let slip.  That petty power struggles achieve nothing and hold no interest for me.  That I have a voice and it’s my duty to speak on behalf of weak, voiceless, suppressed women. Because I’m anointed, and they are too – they just don’t know it yet – so I need to tell them.  I was reminded that sometimes a hug is far more healing than a hello.  That ticks and parasites slowly but surely suck the life out of you; two of those parasites are greed and self-indulgence, and I must guard my heart diligently against them.  How I can rise above the gender debate and live just like Jesus, going about doing good, not avoiding bad.  I’d rather do the do’s – then I won’t have to worry about the don’ts.

Men are not the problem, they’re the answer.  But then again, so are women.  In her book, The Dance of the Dissident Daughter, Sue Monk Kidd shares a common experience among women.  She grew up hearing that woman was the first to sin, the second to be created. That she was created for man’s benefit, unworthy because she disobeyed God, by eating and offering the fruit to Adam.  In her account I hear no mention of Adam’s abdicating his God-given responsibility.

Women have worth and value but rarely hear it.  Eve was wrong yes, but she was caught off guard; why do people ignore the fact that Adam knew full well what hung in the balance?  Only those unsure of their power need to dominate others.  Men never grow strong or free by the silence of women.  Strength is an asset, not a threat.

Margaret Mead once said that when you liberate a woman you liberate a man.  I’m into liberating.  Anyone can find the bad; I’d rather find the good.  In people.  In circumstances.  It takes work, yes, but it’s so worth it.  Jesus lived a selfless obedient life and died a selfless obedient death… and I’m called to walk the same walk.  I want to live a life so enticing to the unsaved it’s irresistible.  I truly want to make a difference in my world while I’m here.  Joyce said recently that she wanted to live plugged in.  Me too!  You?

Kari, the kingdom-minded sometimes ditzy redhead

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