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An I For An I

A friend told me today that she had been following my blog and noticed I hadn’t posted recently. Shocked me, to be honest. I tell people all the time, but I don’t get much feedback so I assumed nobody cared. After I got over the shock I thought about it and decided to write what was in this redhead’s head at the time.
Few things in life are as controversial as Christianity. Perfect strangers coming to blows defending their religion. Well, one thing I know. You can ignore Him, deny Him, even try to refute Him, but He’s still changing lives two thousand years after His death.
This week there’s been one common theme on my mind, and one resounding prayer in my heart – Invade and Inhabit, Lord! Invade and Inhabit! It truly has become the deepest cry of my heart, and I hope today it’s yours.
Here’s why:
Now I love my church as much as the next gal, but this was one of those special times when you just had to ponder a thing or two the rest of the day. And the next. And the next. Yep, this is definitely a keeper. I don’t buy CDs much but this one I will spring for. How can you not love a guy who says, “If you’re offended at me right now… get in line!” Wow. And what’s more, I had the courage to go up and ask him if I could steal his lines. I’m afraid I’m with Joyce Meyer on that – the older I get, the bolder I get! James might have been on to a something in Chapter 4 verse 3. I refuse to have not because I’ve asked not. And what do you think his answer was? Yes. How many things in life have I lost because I was afraid to ask? I’m not sure. But it doesn’t happen often any more. I encourage you to go and do thou likewise. You’ll be amazed at the results.
Kari, the invaded and inhabited
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