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I’d Rather be a Sand Dollar

The Legend of the Sand Dollar is very special to me, and I’d like to share it with those who care enough to follow my blog. So here goes:
The Sand Dollar, or “Holy Ghost Shell”, is one of the most unusual specimens of marine life. The markings on the shell symbolize the birth, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. On the top side of the sand dollar, the outline of an Easter Lily is clear to be seen. At the center, a five pointed star representing the star of Bethlehem appears. The five narrow openings are representative of the four nail pierce marks and the spear wound in Jesus’ side during the Crucifixion. When the sand dollar is broken, five little dove-shaped pieces are found inside. This is a reminder that because of Christ’s sinless life, death, burial and resurrection, the Holy Spirit now lives in those who are the Body of Christ. Who knew?
Hope this story encourages you today. If not, try going back through a few of my previous ramblings and you’re sure to laugh…
Kari, the God-loving, shell-seeking, starfish-saving redhead
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ps. the visual is in honour of my friend G-man, who just happens to drive trucks… you like?


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