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The Dark Side

Stephen Spielberg didn’t invent it, God did. He talked about it in Ezekiel 28 verse 15 when a third of His inner circle switched allegiance. There’s a lesson there – probably something along the lines of ‘be careful who you follow’ or ‘choose your leader wisely’. Now there’s food for thought…

I’m not actually talking about angels, tho. It’s microwaves that are on my mind today. They’re very handy, but as a concerned member of the human race who wants to empower and inform her fellow man, or woman, I have a few good reasons to reevaluate mine. I’m hoping you’ll do the same.
Did you know that it was originally created in Russia? And that the Russian government won’t let their own people use it? Just sayin. Food for thought, perhaps.
My research on this subject supports the following facts:
1) Science shows that eating processed foods heated in a microwave causes long term permanent brain damage. It does this by overloading the brain’s electrical impulses, causing depolarizing/demagnetizing of the brain tissue
2) The human body is ill-equipped to metabolize all the by-products microwave cooking produces, and the effects are residual – they stay in the body. Period
3) It’s been proven that human hormone production is shut down and/or altered by eating microwaved food
4) Research confirms that microwaving food severely reduces and alters the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, therefore the body gets little benefit, if any, from the food, because it cannot absorb or utilize altered compounds
5) Those same minerals, especially in veggies, become cancerous free radicals once cooked this way, and prolonged eating of microwaved food produces and increases cancerous cells in the blood
7) This form of cooking is also known to cause stomach and intestinal cancerous tumors; it is a possible reason for colon cancer
9) Continual consumption of microwaved food is also shown to cause immune system deficiencies, since it affects the lymph glands and alters blood serum
10). Last but not least, it has also been proven to cause memory loss, decrease in intelligence, concentration issues, and emotional instability
That being said, I don’t believe microwaves will ever go away, and I’m not asking you to throw it out, all I’m suggesting to you is that you limit your use of it.
I pray you prosper abundantly, in spirit soul and body,
Kari, the health-conscious microwave-conscious temple
original content, copyright © 2000, karigraceplace.com, all rights reserved


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