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Yours, Mine, and Ours

I forget his name but there was this Greek philosopher guy who came up with the theory that mankind (and, by definition, womankind) has four basic temperaments; melancholy, sanguine, choleric, and phlegmatic. [I’m like 98% sanguine and it’s sooo not funny.] He believed we all have bits of all four temperaments but one main one. Well, if that’s true I’m pretty sure melancholy took a hiatus, choleric is on vaca some place in the south of France, and phlegmatic decided to go to curl up in front of a fire and take a long nap. Trust me, I’m a sanguine.
Melancholys are the “deep thinkers”, and they’re usually drawn to the arts. They’re often artsy themselves. Theatre, drama, painting, music, that kind of thing. I admit I have a music side – been playing the flute since the age of 8 – but that part of my life I don’t get to delve into often. Cholerics are the Type-A, goal-oriented among us, but how do you reconcile that with the sanguine? Joyce Meyer says true sanguines never have a plan, and even if they did they wouldn’t remember it for 5 minutes! I strongly resemble that remark! No… wait… resent that remark! Phlegmatics are probably the coolest of the bunch; they can be like whatever personality type they’re around at the time. Their gift is flexibility – if they’re with melancholys they can be that, or cholerics, sanguine or even other phlegmatics. Last but not least, sanguines. Sangines are real people-people; they’ve never met a stranger, and will talk the hind leg off a donkey as my grandmother used to say. Yep, that would be me. But in my defense I will say I’m rarely boring.
Hope something I’ve shared here sparks your interest, perhaps even makes you smile.
Don’t be a stranger,
Kari, the proud-to-be-sanguine slightly dappy redhead
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