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Generation Why

I honestly don’t believe there’s been a generation ever that is asking this question quite so much. As much as kids in the 60’s questioned their status quo, I think they ain’t got nothing on the youth of today. Truly I am learning that anything goes. Or not, as the case may be.
My Wednesday night bible study teacher often says that in a name is a nature. I started thinking about Abram an Sarai, Daniel and Jabez. Can you just imagine being called Pain? Hey, Pain, can ya get me a soda? Pain, where’s your homework? Pain, do you need me to take you to soccer practice? What a thing to speak over a life! Seriously, dude, what was she thinking? I believe her life was so full of grief it spilled over into her thinking, and thus into her thoughts. It seems people rarely give much thought to names, but to me they are powerful. My guy Gary recently told me about a chick with the last name Bear. Guess what she called her two children? Come on, guess. Panda, and Teddy. For real. Why would you do that to a child?!!!
In his amazing book, I Am Remnant, Pat Schazline says, and I quote, “the Truth will hold up the trousers of life.” He also says that Truth today is under attack. I couldn’t agree more. He also claims that only 6% of today’s youth believe in absolute moral truth, that facts don’t change even when feelings and culture no longer agree. I found that shocking. I agree with him when he says that truth is only lost when the strongest voices no longer speak or care to speak (emphasis mine). The world makes sin seem normal and righteous extremely eccentric. The theory of Cognitive Dissonance has now given people to rationalize away the tension between their behavior and what they know is right.
Years of propaganda have erased fundamental biblical values held by the founding fathers of this country. When you remove absolute moral truth, there ARE no more standards of right or wrong. Situational Ethics and Cultural Relevance come into the picture. Personally I don’t give a fig for either. James says in his 4th chapter 7th verse that when you know what’s right but choose to ignore it, it’s sin. Plain and simple. The Book of Acts church lived in a culture way more hedonistic than we do, yet they “turned their world upside down”, according to Chapter 16 verse 6.
I’m so ready for other people to help a sista out and start ripples everywhere they go, stirring up a generation to think about what they truly value. God put the wrong on His Son who did no wrong so that I, who did no right, could be put right. Just because He can. Everyone breathing has one of two identities: God’s, or the worlds. Forgive me but I tried the latter, and found it wanting. I’m for the former.
I want to reach out to a nameless faceless generation and show them they have destiny, identity and value simply because they exist. God wants pursuit, not perfection, and I’m happy to comply. The rise in atheism and agnosticism I firmly believe can be laid in large part at our door. We’ve let culture define us instead of the other way around. Well, I say no more silence of the lambs. Who’s with me?
Kari, the no-longer-silent voice of dissent
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