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I’ve Got the Power!

I hate to tell you this but it didn’t originate with Jim Cary. It started way back 2,000 years ago. Luke 10.19 tells the story. Behold, I give you power… he goes on to talk about snakes, and scorpions, and how nothing will harm you, but my point is, it’s free. It’s for us. Could ya use a little power today? I sure could.
If you can imagine it, God can do above it! Cref once said that there ain’t no high like the Most High. I couldn’t agree more. And He’s not the Most High by mistake.
This culture is certainly doing its best to remove Him from everything. Some say it started in 1962 when the Supreme Court took prayer out of schools; I stay it started long before then, with apathy. The silence of the lambs has had ramifications decades later.
I try not to judge, believe me. There’s One Judge and I’m surely not Him. I must admit that even my own daughter found it hard not to judge a gal by her tractor. Clothes. Attitude. She found this out when she first went to college; definitely a wakeup call.
I’m tired of being judged when all I’m doing is inspecting the fruit. I’m tired of watching power stripped from me and doing nothing about it. So now I’m choosing exert my first amendment right, lift up my voice, and testify to what God has done – because if I take control of my atmosphere the devil loses the right to it.
I don’t mean ta diss ya, Jimbo, but we’re the ones with the power. We overcome by our Saviour’s Blood and our own words, according to Revelation 12.11. That’s how we win, y’all! Phil Driscoll once said that the greatest power in the universe resides on the inside of you. How easily I forget. I also lose sight of what makes God smile: things done in secret, where noone else sees. Or cares. This country may be in a heap of mess right now but I don’t believe God is done with it. Or me. I’m using my mouth to change things. Who’s with me?
Kari, the so-called ‘right’ severely wronged and saying so
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