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The Story of a Rug

I saw the phrase Rag Rugging recently, and it stuck with me. I once heard the story of how a rug was made. This isn’t it, but it’s the closest I can find. When I heard it, my mind immediately started to learn spiritual things.
The link below shows the story of a rug, if you’re interested, but almost everything in life has a deeper meaning. For me it was this:
The Grand Weaver, as Ravvi Zacharias calls Him, decided may years ago to make a rug that would astound an amaze. It involved a death, and new life. The rug design in and of itself was very carefully designed. In fact, He decided to make many, many rugs. He has “knit” us “together in our mother’s womb”, Psalm 139 verse 13, intricately and expertly. Even on your worst days, remember there are two sides to every rug, and God loves your messy side!
If more women knew they had worth and value regardless of their past, they’d quit allowing the culture to define them and start defining their culture! I’m so over the outside. I prefer the inside. Character, integrity, honesty, faithfulness. How about you?
Kari, the happy rug
original content, copyright © 2000, karigraceplace.com, all rights reserved http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1gcOupNCi8


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