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I was having an Eeyore day the other day, and when I came home I couldn’t ignore the dandelions growing in the garden any more. I do avoid things I’m not ready to address, I admit it, but that day I knew it was time. I took a deep breath and started pulling them up. As I leaned over to grab one more unwanted plant, I realized a very profound truth I’d lost sight of, something I’m man enough to admit to also, since I haven’t cared about my “reputation” for years. My youngest child can attest to that. I really have no respect for reputation. Jesus made HIMSELF of no reputation; that’s good enough for me.

Simple truths are so freeing. My eyes had been opened, one more time, by a patient, loving, gracious God. I had a choice: I could curse the dandelions, or thank God for a garden. If I had no garden, I’d have no dandelions… I might also be homeless, so I’d have no worries about any garden at all. I made a decision that day: rather than curse the dandelions, I’ll thank God for the garden. Yes, I’m very human and there are many things in my life right now that I don’t particularly care for, unwanted dandelions being the very least of them. Everywhere I look I can see dandelions, in the form of problems, if I choose; I’d rather look for the blessings. A thankful heart is irresistible, and irrepressible. Doncha just love being around thankful folks? I sure do. They encourage, and build up, and just plain make you feel good..

I was reminded of a book I’ve been reading by Daniella Whyte, entitled 365 Days of Thanking God. For a young gal she has a whole lot of wisdom. Daniella makes the valid point that when someone holds a position of power, in any area of life – and we all do; every last one of us have a sphere of influence, which gives us power over somebody – if they’re not thankful, abuse of power is inevitable. That made me come back to the dandelions. How many people in my days have seemed like an inconvenience? An interruption to my busy schedule? I should be thanking God He had allowed them to come into my life, giving me the opportunity to take a moment and minister to them so they feel better when they leave than before they arrived. How come I let these elementary foundational principles let slip so easily? Ouch!!! I don’t know who’s watching my attitude as I’m out in the yard, blessing the dandelions. I surely don’t pay attention to who’s listening. Maybe i should. I’m influencing, whether I know it or not.

Today I have a thought to offer you, dear reader. How many dandelions do you have in your life? A bunch, I’ll bet. Well, I have a deal for you… how ’bout we start thanking our loving heavenly Father for the garden, and just man up and pull up the dandelions? Just a thought.

Kari, the dandelion-puller
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