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Floundering in a Foxhole

When I get an idea in my brain I usually can’t shake it until I’ve shared it, and such was the case for this past week.
The thought? Rather random, I’m afraid, but very simple… I’m convinced there is no such thing as an unbeliever in a foxhole.
I read a story recently that touched on a nerve, and something started to make a whole lot of sense.
As the story goes, a full-blown colonel was being shipped out overseas and he contacted a friend of his, a fairly well-known preacher. They agreed in prayer for his safe return, and the colonel really didn’t think very much of it.
On arrival in the country he was assigned the platoon with the highest fatality rate. His very first step was to require all of the men under his command to learn Psalm 91. They didn’t have to believe it, agree with it, or even like it, they just had to learn it. The body count dropped immediately. To zero. Throughout his tour there, only a few men were injured, very minor incidents which healed extremely quickly. The platoon suffered no other casualties whatsoever.
When his tour of duty was completed he was shipped home to the States. Within two weeks the fatality of his former platoon had gone right back up; in fact, it was higher than before. He called his preacher friend for wisdom, because, understandably, he was totally confused. The preacher explained that once the anointing had left, and the motivation to obey the Word was gone, the men had reverted back to their old habits.
It’s not that God didn’t move: He did. But we have to make room for Him. If our lives are on a path away from His presence, how can He manifest?
Why would you not want to live in safety? Protection? Security? Fullness of joy? Beats me. What’s not to want?
Kari, the focused
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