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Holy and Whole

There’s something about pornography that our deepest self knows is wrong; as much as we attempt to hide it or deny it that feeling never quite leaves. It can mar a life and destroy everything it touches. Ask Matt Fradd, a Catholic who struggled with it at a very young age after finding some magazines in his uncle’s garage; when his dad found his son’s collection of magazines he congratulated Matt, and only advised him, “don’t let mom know.”

Jason Everitt once said, “No-one gets addicted to looking at pictures of flamingos on the internet.” Have you ever had a friend come to you and whisper, “Would you please pray for me? My husband has found my collection of Amazon rainforest pictures! I know it’s wrong but I just can’t help myself!”? I think not.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, or so thought George Santayana, Spanish philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist. (He won my heart, right there…)  Game of Thrones and 50 Shades of Grey are a case in point, and quite possibly the most popular “adult entertainment” of our culture. Sex seems to be a preoccupation and it’s rampant in society. Guess we didn’t learn anything from Sodom and Gomorrah. For a country originally founded on the Bible and Godly principles, tell me there’s not something wrong with that. If you do, I’ll tell you very politely, “you’re on crack, Jack!”

Which leads me to a question. Is there anything in your life, anything at all, you’re ashamed of? Others may not see but God does, and I for one have made a covenant with Him to never deliberately watch or listen to something that would hurt His heart. Those three wise monkeys were onto something, in my opinion.

It takes work, I won’t deny that, and diligence; I failed this weekend simply because I trusted someone enough to watch a movie they recommended. Big mistake. Way too many “f” words than I was comfortable with. In the end I didn’t care how well it showed their point as a foundational principle of writing – I didn’t make it half-way through! My max curse-word count in a movie when my kids were small used to be 5, and if you asked them they’d probably tell you stories of how we made it to the home stretch and I turned it off, for that very reason. Parents are supposed to be guardians, not enablers. In my opinion. We’re admonished repeatedly to guard our eyes and our ears. God will do His part, but we have a part too. Incidentally, guys, that rule still applies… in movies and in life. I’ve walked away from many a conversation.

Today is all we have, and all we’re given. We can’t change our yesterdays, but we sure can change our tomorrows. Today, I choose to be the woman I want to be, not the woman I don’t want to be. How about you?

Kari, the committed-to-purity

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