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Pray Day

Some say we shouldn’t, whilst others say we must.  On this controversial day of May 5th, 2016, I’d like to add my own fuel to the fire, if I may..

Yes, the official National Day of Prayer became an annual occurrence since 1952, signed into law by President Harry S. Truman and approved by Congress at the time, but history shows the very first call to prayer came in 1775, when the Continental Congress, whether you like it or not, or even agree, asked the colonies to fall on their knees and pray for wisdom while forming a small, unstable country into what we now know as the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Honest Abe himself called for such a day, one dedicated to praying for the emerging nation that would later become a super-power in the global economy.

I would like, however, to interject one caveat, perhaps even a caution.

As much as I understand with 1 Timothy chapter 2 verses 1 and 2 where we are “exhorted to pray for all those in authority”, and I’m completely willing to do so, I admit I have an issue with two items on our president’s agenda that he chose to include in his Proclamation yesterday.

The first is his comment about how he encourages us to, “see God in everyone…”.

My second is where he told us, “I join all people of faith…”

My unease is the same in both cases.  Which GOD and which FAITH are we talking about?

It’s been widely proclaimed, even proved, that he has participated multiple times in muslim worship, so I want to know what “God” and “faith” we’re considering here.

I was told once that if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck… it just might be a duck.  Which would be a problem for me, since, despite what the ACLU would have us believe, it’s been well-documented in history that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.  I happen to think that if the founding fathers could see us now, and what “freedom of religion” has come to mean in today’s society, they would probably turn over in their grave.  But I could be wrong.

So as much as you may dislike me exercising my first amendment right, since I give you the right to any religious “tolerance” you may choose to exert I would like the right to use that same religious freedom and say my piece.

Today a fairly large body of believers in Fayetteville, North Carolina, came together with a common goal; to pray for the good of this fine country of ours.  I echo the words of our forefathers, and beseech the uncreated Creator of all things that His hand of blessing be upon our nation, that He would open up blind eyes, and turn hearts toward Him once more.  May true revival break out in this land, and may we once again honor the God who made this nation great and live every day of our lives with a faith that is pure and holy.




Kari, the full-time warrior bride

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