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Change of Address

Lately life’s been a little on the hard side here in beautiful if chilly NC.  A book I’m reading really helps.  I hardly ever recommend things but this I will.  Squeezing Good out of Bad, by James Watkins.  He’s been thru a thing or two, it’s obvious from page 3, and he has a solution for life’s lemons.  The theory’s a little complicated but one point I remember distinctly: when the lemon truck shows up at your door check the delivery slip.  Kind of a duh! moment for me personally.  His point? Who really owns the problem?

Recently I’ve been offered multiple opportunities to take on other people’s issues under the guise that I am actually the problem.  After a long hard look I realised I’m not.  I can’t help it if someone insists in being bored and miserable.  That’s their choice.  I’m making a different choice.

The inimitable Mr. Watkins said something else that made me smile – writers don’t have problems; they have anecdotes that sooner or later will turn up in a book.  I’m stealing that, btw.  My pastor, James Al Brice junior, says, “the first time I’ll say, ‘as so-and-so said…’; the second time I’ll say ‘someone once said…’; but the third time, I’ll say ‘as I’ve always said…’ “.  I’m stealing that too.

Today I noticed I’ve been putting out fires left and right, and the help is just plain tired.  James 1 verse 3 tells us “knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.”  I’m afraid I have to agree with Joyce Meyer, that “it brought a whole lot out of me before we ever got around to patience!”  Ouch hallelujah.  I’d been in the ‘trying’ mode (as in trials and testing) so long I needed a change of scenery, so, despite the chilly air and many charms of where I’m at, I changed addresses.  My new one, in case you’re interested, is Romans 8.6.  What does that say? you whisper.  I’m glad you asked.  “To be Spiritually minded is life’s and peace.”  Not quite as dramatic, but far more rewarding.  I desperately need peace right now, when my whole world seems so fragile, and a good dose of life wouldn’t be bad either.

Joyce also says if you’re feeling depressed, think about what you’ve been thinking about! Simple, yet profound. God’s version in Proverbs 23.7 says “as a man thinks in his heart, so IS he.”  (emphasis mine.). I made a decision.  I refuse to be negative.  I’m also way too short to be boring.  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

After all, I’m collecting some amazing anecdotes…

Kari, the perpetually positive

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One thought on “Change of Address

  1. Karie Grace Place! Where have you been? Donna and I talked the other day. Of course, your name came up! Hope we can get together soon. I pray all is well! You always have a friend here, if you need an ear! Love ya! xoxox

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