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It’s Not OK!

I don’t often address current political issues but I’ve finally had enough.  I care!  Do you?  Enough to do something?  Say something?

Well, since I’m part of that “we”, that statement is untrue. Law makers don’t get to make my choices for me.

North Carolina has been getting grief from many quarters on one issue, to the point that some have chosen to “boycott” us.  So much for living in the land of the free.  I suspect the brave are rethinking their stance on the issue too.

“An earlier report published in April 2011 by the Williams Institute estimated that 3.8 percent of Americans identified as gay/lesbian, bisexual, or transgender: 1.7 percent as lesbian or gay, 1.8 percent as bisexual, and 0.3 percent as transgender”.


I do realise I’m in the ‘minority’… even though I’m actually in the majority in North Carolina – the others don’t have enough moxie to speak out – but I’m sick and tired of 3.8 percent of the population of a country supposedly deciding for me how I can and cannot live my life.  I’ve never imposed my views on one of that 3.8 percent, and I doubt I ever will; I choose to pray for them instead.

If my children were still young right now I’d be driving them nuts every day.  They wouldn’t be going anywhere without me.  I fear for my unborn grandchildren, who may be unable to take a bathroom break without meeting up with some confused soul who can’t decide what they want to be when they grow up.  I happen to agree with a friend of mine – check yer plumbing!  Seriously.  It’s not hard to figure out.

I also think it’s pathetic for grown folk to throw a temper tantrum and boycott my whole state just because some brave God-fearing individuals in the so-called Bible Belt who happen to hold different moral values are finally speaking out.  If that’s not abuse of fame and fortune, not to mention manipulation of emotion and politics, I don’t know what is.

Seriously?  The Bible Belt is going to let 3.8 percent of the population accuse them of discrimination, while that same 3.8 percent is discriminating against others themselves?  It reminds me of a lesson I learned, of all things, at an Amway convention.  A speaker started swinging his arms wildly, as he proclaimed, “you have the right to freedom of speech…” at which point he walked over to a fellow speaker, now hitting them with his flailing arms, adding, “… until your freedom of speech… takes away mine.”  I couldn’t agree more.

“North Carolina isn’t the only state that’s been caught up in these discrimination debates. Since January, almost 200 anti-LGBT bills have been introduced in states, which many people see as reactions to last June’s Supreme Court marriage-equality ruling. Recently, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed a religious freedom bill, saying, “I do not think we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith-based community in Georgia.”


There’s a whole lot of truth to that statement. Actually, I don’t think I ever have.  Discriminated against someone.  For any reason.  But it also goes vice-versa.  Or, to quote my grandmother, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  They don’t need to discriminate against me either.

I guess it might be a catch-22, or ‘circular reasoning’ if you prefer the scientific term. One citizen accuses another of —— (fill in the blank; racism, bigotry, sexism, hate crime, discrimination…), while ignoring the fact that, by doing so, they are doing the same.

Your thoughts?

Kari, the slightly-ticked-off-and-getting-worse-girl

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