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And Then Came Jesus

Today I started thinking of all those who have influenced my life in a profound way.

In honour of my good friend Kenny Raynor, I would like to give you my take on something he gave me permission to copy many years back.  He was one of the people that was most what I like to call, “Jesus with skin on”.  Kind, patient, always willing to help.

Here’s the Karified version of his creation:

The Ten Commitments

Thou shalt have goals

Thou shalt never give up

Thou shalt not procrastinate

Thou shalt not be negative

Thou shalt have an action plan

Thou shalt be teachable

Thou shalt be available

Thou shalt know thy stuff

Thou shalt improve thyself daily

Thou shalt never belittle

What are yours?  What core values rule your life?  Really.  I want to know.

Kari, the absolutely-committed

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Deluded and Deceived

We’ve probably all heard the argument that a thinking rational person doesn’t need a “crutch” to help them handle life, as in Jesus.  That individual possibly went on to make what they considered a valid case for such belief.  But here’s the thing: a deluded soul never knows they’re deluded.  They think they’re sane.  Which is why satan is so very successful at it.  (No, that’s not a typo.  I know he’s a noun. On principle I refuse to capitalize his name.)

In his article, ‘We can save atheism from the New Atheists like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris’, Jeff Sparrow states, and I quote, “You don’t have to be a believer to see that religion genuinely offers something to its adherents (often when nothing else is available)  [excuse me?  We have a smorgasbord old current options to choose from in today’s  ‘enlightened’ society! KG]  and that what it provides is neither inconsequential nor silly.  By contrast, the New Atheists engage with religion purely as a set of ideas, a kind of cosmic rulebook… But what happens then? You’re left with no explanation for their devotion other than a susceptibility to fraud. To borrow Dawkins’ title, if God is nothing but an intellectual delusion then the billions of believers are, well, deluded; a collection of feeble saps in need of enlightenment from their intellectual superiors… If belief in God stems from intellectual inadequacy, then all believers are feebleminded – and the most devout are the most feebleminded of all. All religions are bad but some religions – especially those in the Middle East, by sheer coincidence! – are worse than others.”

I disagree with him on multiple fronts. One thing in particular I don’t get about his argument is that in order to be a “freethinker” you must be atheist.  To me this is circular reasoning totally unsupported by fact.  I know many God-fearing devout believers who are the farthest thing from feeble-minded.  I’ve met weirdos and fanatics on both sides of the fence.  What I want to know is, do you know Jesus?


Kari, the undeluded-undeceived totally-in-love-with-Jesus girl

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One Letter

OK, I’m finally ready to stand up and be counted.  But I’ll make it short and sweet, I promise.  Just like me.

Ecclesiastes 3 verse 7 says there’s a time to speak and a time to be silent, and I’m tired of being silent.  He’s the president. Period.  Whether we like him personally or not, whether we agree with his choices two decades ago or not, he’s the leader of the country and we’d better get behind him or we’ll have a fractured nation and we’ll pay a high price for that.

The one little word I have is actually two, depending on which way you swang during the election.  I talked to many, many people around that time, from all cultures, all races, all walks of life, and all economic strata.  For some reason I was exposed to a whole lot of people in my home town I’d never met before, and I did an experiment.  I came to a conclusion I’ve been thinking through and am ready to share.  I hope you still love me when you’re done reading.

If you fell into the category of couldn’t decide/didn’t vote, then my one word is apathy. Please don’t complain about the state of a nation you didn’t try to change.

If you fell into the alternate camp, who I hear about every single day, what my husband calls “the Snowflakes”, folk just plain don’t like it, I have a different word for you; democracy.

As a Christian my life often doesn’t go the way I planned, and many times doesn’t go the way I’d like, but I don’t go round telling everyone it’s not my life.  It is what it is. That’s the thing with democracy – everyone gets to vote.  And sometimes they’re happy with the result and sometimes they’re not.  Just like life.  I don’t have to like something to respect it, and I certainly don’t doubt what I don’t understand.  If I believe God is in charge of my world then I believe He is in charge of every little thing.  People who look for the bad in anything will find it, but they’ll live a very unhappy life.  I’d rather look for the good.  A wise woman once told me, “every place you see “good” in the Bible, take out one O.”  I got it immediately.  I decided that day to be the kind of person who looked for the GOD in everything, not the bad.  Same word minus one letter; totally different meaning.

So for those folks out there still stewing about the results and telling us he’s not your president I have news for you: yes he is.  But there’s something you can do about it.  In about 4 years.  I just have one request.  Give the guy a chance.  He may be stirring up a lot of hornets nests but let’s wait till the dust settles and see what happens.  He may surprise you yet.  I have faith that God is still in charge of this nation and that He still moves through its leaders.  And I’m looking for the good.  And the God.  You?

Kari, the finally vocal

all original content, copyright © 2000, karigraceplace.com, all rights reserved

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