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And Then Came Jesus

Today I started thinking of all those who have influenced my life in a profound way.

In honour of my good friend Kenny Raynor, I would like to give you my take on something he gave me permission to copy many years back.  He was one of the people that was most what I like to call, “Jesus with skin on”.  Kind, patient, always willing to help.

Here’s the Karified version of his creation:

The Ten Commitments

Thou shalt have goals

Thou shalt never give up

Thou shalt not procrastinate

Thou shalt not be negative

Thou shalt have an action plan

Thou shalt be teachable

Thou shalt be available

Thou shalt know thy stuff

Thou shalt improve thyself daily

Thou shalt never belittle

What are yours?  What core values rule your life?  Really.  I want to know.

Kari, the absolutely-committed

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