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It just amazes me that God uses my every-day, walking around, working, playing, reading, writing life to teach me things, usually daily. I’d never even heard of CrEasters until last week but apparently there are those out there who claim the name of Christ as Saviour for the fire insurance but don’t bother to visit His house of worship more than twice a year, namely Christmas and Easter.

My first thought on hearing this was: what’s the point?

In any relationship I personally wouldn’t – nay, couldn’t – have any kind of closeness with someone I visited twice a year. For crying out loud, almost any homo sapien breathing probably wouldn’t value or view very highly the thoughts, opinions, wishes, even potential, of such a person. Why would we think God would see it any different?

He’s the only Man I know born destined to die. He was an anomaly. We all die, yes, that’s a given, a natural part of the aging process. It’s not a destiny. We get to fulfill our destiny during life; He did it with His death. A painful, bloody, indescribably torturous death, one none other could achieve with the same result. How could we take that lightly? I suspect we’ve forgotten Luke 7.47, where Jesus said those who are forgiven much love much, but when we lose sight of what we’ve been forgiven of, our love diminishes.

The crown came after the cross. Yet we often seem to expect victory without a fight. He promised that if they hated the Teacher they’d hate the student, and that IN this world we WOULD suffer persecution and face tribulation. What was His solution? Be of good cheer! That doesn’t sound to me like an option, more of a command. I really don’t have a choice. Should I choose to ignore that small encouragement He says it many more times, such as ‘Rejoice always,’ and ‘This is the day He has made so rejoice and be glad in it’ (Karified version). Looks to me like we may have free will but we don’t really have a choice. Then again, I could be wrong.

Just one more thought for those CrEasters out there… Myles Monroe in his small but powerful devotional, Potential for Every Day, says, and I quote:

“Before there was a beginning, there was God… Everything you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch was in God before it came to be… Thus if you had talked to God on the highway of nothingness, you would have been talking to millions of cows, horses, mountains, trees, limousines, hotels, and beaches… They were in Him, but no one saw them… if you met God on the highway of nothing, by the corner of nowhere, before there was anything, and shook His hand, you would be shaking hands with everything, but would not know it.”

As a writer I value the power of words. Words have changed cultures and destinies, even nations. They inspire and paint pictures and sway hearts. How could you not help but picture the “highway of nothingness” as you read his carefully crafted thoughts written from passion and obvious devotion to an invisible God many deny exists? I aspire to such a gift of expression.

So now I have a question for you, dear reader. Will you be a CrEaster or a devotee? Will you come a’visiting or turn your world upside down with your zeal for the King and His Kingdom? We can’t change the world, but we can change our little corner of it.

Kari, the avowed-destiny-fulfiller

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