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Skip the Guilt Trip

A friend of mine was recently talking about a situation that happened and I saw afresh just how destructive condemnation can be. It will eventually destroy everything it touches. No wonder God tells us outright in Romans 8 verse 1 there is NO condemnation for those who choose to love God and believe we are called for HIS purposes, not our own.

In this world every day there are many chances for many choices, and I sometimes forget the temporal is so much easier to see, and therefore choose, than the eternal. But it won’t last. It’s nothing but shifting shadows and sand; anything built on it will eventually crumble and fade away to nothing. How sad to spend a lifetime building on a faulty foundation. May God open my eyes continually so I won’t be like the traveller in the 3rd Raiders of the lost Ark of whom the etheral knight said simply, “He chose poorly.”

It’s been many decades since I saw that scene but the words stuck with me (probably showing my age here…) and somewhat guided the reckless life of a teenager who had chosen to turn her back on a loving, giving, holy God. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, as they say here. I do now. I’m older and hopefully a little wiser, so I now I’m gonna tell those coming behind me this – for goodness sake skip the guilt trip! Beleive and accept His unfailing, everlasting, mind-blowing, unconditional forgiveness and love. Do it today. Make this a turning point in your life, and make a difference that will be here long after you’re gone, living on in the hearts of others. Nothing is more important than impacting precious souls for eternity. Let’s not let folks go to hell in a handbasket, let’s help them choose wisely.

Kari, who will skip the guilt trip, thank you

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