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Begin Again

I have to admit, every single time I go to church I always get more than I bargain for. True to form, recently James Al Brice  jr. did not disappoint. One more one-liner found its way into this redhead’s head: Compromising leads to captivity. To you that might not mean much but to me it’s powerful. Every day is a new chance to change a life, and I’m starting to take them. The chances. Well, the days too, but mostly the mercies. Today was another opportunity to begin again, with a fresh new slate. Another chance to realign priorities, and show loved ones just how much they mean to me instead of putting them on the back burner. That’s one area of compromise I’m definitely open to changing.

Lamentations isn’t a book I visit regularly, but chapter3 verses 22 and 23 say it’s because of God’s mercies we are not “consumed”, and that we get new ones every morning. They must be new every morning ‘cos I need ’em! It gives me hope to know that every night I go to sleep, I’ll wake up to a whole new batch the next day, cooked up specially for me. Folk who think their day has to go the way they want it for them to be happy just amaze me. I can’t remember the last time my day went exactly how I had planned.

Take today, for instance; it was a very trying day… with a lot of unexpected things, and I had many opportunities to get upset. In fact almost nothing worked out how I thought it was going to, including a trip to get my man’s truck inspected, which culminated in me accidentally locking myself out of the house. But God is good and God is faithful, and He has His people in the right place at the right time for the right reason. I’m living proof. I got in the house. I was so thankful I did a happy dance!

If you’re in a rough spot right now I offer you the same advice a gal in one of my all-time fave movies did; when you’re in a hole… stop digging… and look up! Our Father is always there, ready to help, if we’ll just ask. Holy Spirit is a gentleman – He will never force Himself upon anyone – His help is there for the taking, if were humble enough to do so. I highly encourage you to forget yesterday, even today if necessary; begin again tomorrow with a whole new outlook and a fresh batch of mercy at your side, just in case you might happen to need it… which I very likely will, do if you don’t use yours may I borrow some?

Kari, the professional-beginner-again

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Refugee or Rainmaker

Elijah didn’t have an easy life and at one point he even had an extremely ticked off queen after him intent on ending his life. He also raised a guy from the dead and called fire down from heaven. He was often lonely and depressed but he was fed by what Steven Furtick calls “dirty birds”, or ravens in our vernacular. I’m coming to the conclusion that if you want to move in the supernatural and obey God’s voice it’s gonna upset a whole lot of people’s apple carts.

Daniel 11:32 says it’s those that know their God who are the ones doing “mighty exploits”. Not quite sure what that is, but I want in on it. That verse tells me we all have the same opportunity but many don’t take it. Why is it others feel threatened when a brave soul takes God at His word and does amazing things? If we believe in the same God, and we supposedly worship the same God, why would we get resist when people move in the supernatural?

Just like Elijah, I’ve often felt like a refugee in a land with no rain. Now I’m ready for a season where I’m making the rain. Ready ready for signs and wonders to follow me, even if it does make a few mad. They can do it too. They just don’t want to. I’ve never cared much for peer pressure and I’m used to rejection, even when I’m doing nothing wrong. I figure if I’m doomed if I do and I’m doomed if I don’t, I’d rather be in His will. He’s the One I’ll answer to at the end of my days.

The unfamiliar is scary, yes, but it’s usually where God wants us to be. He stretches us to make us stronger. Like Steven Furtick says, it takes a storm to reveal the foundation. A friend of mine, Carol, says He’s always moving the campfire down the trail of life. We either follow, or we don’t. I choose to follow, even if it means a few don’t like it. I’m running hard after Him. Wanna come with?

Kari, the rainmaker

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Black, White and Gray

(The Brits spell it ‘grey’ btw.)

I’ve been called a great many things in my short lifetime, and “you’re so black and white!” happens to be one of my faves. I’m kinda like my Father in that respect. My grandpa used to say, “just call a spade a spade.” I agree. If a thing’s wrong it’s wrong, regardless of circumstance. I don’t think God’s a believer in ‘situational ethics’ either. He does, however, plainly tell us in Colossians 1 verse 17 that all things were created through Him and for Him, which tells me He thinks He is in everything and I happen to agree. He seems to turn up all over the place. I’m the kind of gal who takes someone at their word, but in case I’m not making sense, here’s a case in point:-

I’m minding my own business, standing in front of the local Redbox ‘cos I’m in the movie mood, when I look up and see the digital poster of the offering they’re currently pushing. Which practically gave me a holy conniption fit. It shouldn’t, I know, but it did. We’re in this world but not of it – again, I know – but still, I sometimes forget.

Have ya guessed the movie? ’50Shades of Free’. I had a major moment, right there in front of the little red box. Then it hit like lightening. You’ve gotta be kidding me. Free?!! Definitely a spade. The writer of those books feeds on rejection, voyeurism, twisted erotica, and addiction. Seriously. What’s so “free” about that? Everyone on the planet, whether they admit it or not, knows deep inside that we’re all free to sin. Or not. As we choose. But do we have the right to impose those decisions on others? It breaks my heart to know the writer could use her influence for good.

The sad part is that all this random redhead wanted was to find Paddington 2 or Peter Rabbit but no… in their omniscient wisdom the movie suppliers decided to also throw in some gore and violence and kinky sex for my viewing pleasure. So not. It tells me I need to step my prayer life though, because the enemy, accuser of man, doesn’t have my permission to take another deceived soul to hell.

Your thoughts?

Kari, the oh-so-free-and-loving-it

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Fluff or Substance?

I’m some kind of fired up, as usual, and I’m starting to consider it holy indignation.

I find it interesting and irritating what mankind chooses to use their words for. I hear many, many of those calling themselves Christians speaking against the President, when God clearly says in 2 Peter 2 verse 10 not to “speak ill of dignitaries”, and to “pray for those in authority” in 1 Timothy 2 verse 2. What are we to do with those commands? I suspect lay down our own agenda and take up His might be a good idea.

We’re the only species on the planet given the right at creation to choose our words and choose our actions, yet we act like brute beasts and claim, “the devil made me do it!” Not! You allow what you choose to control you, and since there are only two forces in this life and the afterlife, I strongly suggest you choose wisely. We will all alike, those who know Him and those who don’t want to, will find ourselves without excuse when we face our Maker at the end of our days: all He asks of us while we’re here? Obedience. Is that really so hard? Guess so. The first man ever made blew it big time. Will we?

Words are more powerful than people realize and, unless our Father chooses to do an Elijah thing and show us the spirit realm, some never get the message. They mold and shape a heart and life. Me, I can’t stand complaining, and I especially despise shallow. I think I agree with the second lead character in a terrifying short story of revenge:

“… impatient of that small talk which is the conventional refuge of those who have no thoughts to express…” – The New Catacomb, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


This is a classic case of being hung by the tongue. I call the tale terrifying due to the final end of one and the callous heart of both. I’m not saying Mr. Doyle was God-inspired when writing it but there is definitely a lesson or two there about the destructiveness of revenge and how it eats away at the heart and soul. It literally takes away the life of its possessor. I happen to believe God is in everything, since John 1 verse 3 says that without Him nothing was made that was ever made. If that’s true, and I’m convinced it is, then all man does, saved and unsaved contains a little piece of God. Your thoughts?

Kari, the non-fluff-gal

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