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Fluff or Substance?

I’m some kind of fired up, as usual, and I’m starting to consider it holy indignation.

I find it interesting and irritating what mankind chooses to use their words for. I hear many, many of those calling themselves Christians speaking against the President, when God clearly says in 2 Peter 2 verse 10 not to “speak ill of dignitaries”, and to “pray for those in authority” in 1 Timothy 2 verse 2. What are we to do with those commands? I suspect lay down our own agenda and take up His might be a good idea.

We’re the only species on the planet given the right at creation to choose our words and choose our actions, yet we act like brute beasts and claim, “the devil made me do it!” Not! You allow what you choose to control you, and since there are only two forces in this life and the afterlife, I strongly suggest you choose wisely. We will all alike, those who know Him and those who don’t want to, will find ourselves without excuse when we face our Maker at the end of our days: all He asks of us while we’re here? Obedience. Is that really so hard? Guess so. The first man ever made blew it big time. Will we?

Words are more powerful than people realize and, unless our Father chooses to do an Elijah thing and show us the spirit realm, some never get the message. They mold and shape a heart and life. Me, I can’t stand complaining, and I especially despise shallow. I think I agree with the second lead character in a terrifying short story of revenge:

“… impatient of that small talk which is the conventional refuge of those who have no thoughts to express…” – The New Catacomb, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


This is a classic case of being hung by the tongue. I call the tale terrifying due to the final end of one and the callous heart of both. I’m not saying Mr. Doyle was God-inspired when writing it but there is definitely a lesson or two there about the destructiveness of revenge and how it eats away at the heart and soul. It literally takes away the life of its possessor. I happen to believe God is in everything, since John 1 verse 3 says that without Him nothing was made that was ever made. If that’s true, and I’m convinced it is, then all man does, saved and unsaved contains a little piece of God. Your thoughts?

Kari, the non-fluff-gal

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