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If it wasn’t for Margaret Dickson and her article in last week’s Up and Coming Weekly I’d never have known about the Barr’s and the Bee’s. Namely, Roseanne and Samantha. More on that in a moment.

My pastor has been saying for years that Truth (God’s Word) is the new hate speech. A good friend of mine experiences this on a regular basis with her FB page. I myself was lambasted there twice recently for an innocent remark. Folks like to exert their freedom of speech amendment right but belittle you when you do likewise because you happen to disagree with their views.

Back to the Barr Bee debate. Margaret Dickson pointed out that when Roseanne attacked the previous administration with mouth her show was immediately pulled by her network: however, within hours Samantha did the same to the current one on a different network with a completely different result – no consequences whatsoever. I agree with Margaret; this tells me far more about the slanderer than the slanderee. It also tells me the core values of said tv networks.

As a Brit and a true lover of the English language I’ve never really understood why educated people resort to vulgarity, and apparently Margaret feels the same way. Or, in her words, ‘does not know or is too lazy to search for a precise and insightful word or phrase…’ to get their point across. I got so fired up I found these to make my case:-

Military Challenge Edition –

Proverbs 11.9a with his mouth the godless man destroys his neighbor,

Proverbs 11.12a whoever belittles his neighbor lacks sense,


From the CEV version – Proverbs 14.14 you harvest what you plant, good or bad.

I don’t want to get into the whole “who is my neighbor” thing, (and I considered throwing in Proverbs 11.22 for good measure but didn’t want to be accused of defamation of character), I just wanted to show once again the high priority God puts on the words we choose to speak. We will be held accountable for them some day soon, and I try really hard not to have to eat mine…

Your thoughts?

Kari, the careful-word-planner

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